MTV Classic Launches: Real World Included In Line-Up

Happy birthday MTV! To celebrate another year on the air, the network is taking over VH1 Classic and launching MTV classic.

This year, MTV is turning 35. For the most recent 24 years on the air, MTV has been airing The Real World. With the acquisition of VH1 Classic,  MTV overhauls all of the music videos on VH1 Classic and will be playing reruns of “classic” MTV shows such as Daria, Punk’d, Pimp My Ride, Laguna Beach, and of course The Real World.


Right now we only have the first two weeks of content scheduled, and The Real World: New York is scheduled to air on Sunday, August 5th, starting at 1 PM. If you’ve never seen this season, it’s a pretty interesting watch. It’s also much quicker than current Real World seasons but you’ll be able to see how different the show is from its current format.

Hopefully we get more seasons to air… or MTV Classic could really reel in some Real World/Road Rules fans by airing Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour. For now, I’ll take what I can get.


  1. If it turns out that RR: MVT is ever airing can you please alert us so someone can grab it? It’s the only RR that I know of that’s completely absent online.

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