Johnny Bananas Rivals 3

Was Bananas Wrong to Take the Money?

The Rivals 3 final may not have been the most interesting final to date, but it ended with a huge jaw dropper. Teammates completed checkpoint to earn points, and whoever acquired the most points was given the opportunity to split all the money, or keep it to himself.

Vince and Devin received the most points, but split the money. Then, Bananas kept all the money for himself. Sarah won this season, but left without a dime.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.31.33 PM

Depending on who you ask, Bananas made a huge investment in his future or the slimiest move in Challenge history. It’s difficult to watch Sarah get emotional over his decision, but was this decision really so wrong?

Firstly, let’s not forget these two are rivals for a reason. Sarah “betrayed” Bananas on Exes 2 by sending him into the final elimination, where he ultimately lost and didn’t make it to the final. While this may have been a cutthroat move, it barely compares to Banana’s move. After all, Bananas won because Sarah helped him cross that finish line. He only made it to the final because Sarah was his wing woman and helped him the whole season. Not only did they compete to win the challenge, but Sarah spent the bulk of the season trying to win Banana’s approval. She apologized for making the move on Exes 2 and spent a lot of time with Mr. Bananas. Sarah got a great partner this season, and she wanted to win an get her money.

Once the twist was announced, both partners had the opportunity to complete the check points. Sarah had her opportunity to beat Bananas and she failed to do so. Regardless of whether or not Sarah would have kept all the money, she had her chance to make that decision and she lost. The challenges won and relationships built this season got her to the final, but no one expected this twist and there was not way for Sarah or Bananas to prepare for this bomb to be dropped.

I think Wes made a good point at the reunion. For any other cast member this move would have been a shock, but it’s kind of an expectation for Bananas to screw people over. This is part of his character and that’s the reason he continues to get invited onto the show. Making this move was a big investment on Banana’s behalf. Not just because he got $275,000, but also because it will renew interest in him. He has furthered himself as the ultimate villain on the show, and he will continue to be on the show.

Of course, Sarah is entitled to be mad and upset. She invested a lot of time this season, and winning the money would have enhanced her life. Perhaps she’ll get the opportunity to screw over Bananas if Rivals 4 happens.

Can you justify Banana’s move? Or was he completely wrong?


  1. Completely wrong. He’s a douche bag and will never change. I guess MTV thinks he’s good for ratings but he’s a disgusting human being.

  2. Of course especially since his cousin shared the money with Jenna plus he does really think he’s going to win number seven. He’s got a huge target now. Jenna T from the last Real World season is now more likable now than Bananas and I’m didn’t think that was possible.

  3. Plus that picture on the post, isn’t right. She won and goes home like those who were eliminated with nothing. MTV/BMP or whoever gives out the money needs to write a check to Sarah.

  4. Totally wrong. It boggles my mind that some people think that Sarah deserved that. It is completely different to send someone into a final than it is to win a Challenge with them. Without Sarah, Johnny wouldn’t have gotten that far, I am sure of it. I just genuinely can’t believe that people are on his side. Vince was probably pissed he decided to split the money because he just wants to be Bananas so bad.

  5. I feel the only reason they put that twist in the Final was solely for Bananas to get revenge on Sarah. The producers would have been disappointed if everyone split the money rather than anybody keep all of the money from their partner. The only other people from this season I could have seen taking all the money would be Wes (because he said it on the reunion), Tony, Camila, and Johnny Reilly.

  6. “Bananans”?!? Do you ever copy edit?

    Also, Johnny is a scumbag. The difference between him and Sarah was 60/40 at most, in either direction. And a split of $137,500 still would have been the biggest payout in Challenge history. The biggest disappointment at the Reunion was that nobody kicked Johnny’s ass. I’d say he’s long overdue.

      1. it is Bananas’. I like to say the “s” after the apostrophe is silent (like James’ and Silas’, etc). Sincerely, a journalism student and grammar freak.

  7. Bananas wasn’t Erin to take the money.. I would have taken it.. Sarah isn’t likable in my opinion she was a bitch to Wes this season.. People think bananas couldn’t have gotten far without Sarah but nobody remembers how he battled his ass off in free agents taking out Jordan and ct and won the whole thing.. Sarah would not have gone anywhere with out bananas..he’s the goat get over it people if he could do the whole thing over again I promise he’d take that money again

    1. I like Sarah, but even she admits that she acts different when she’s with Bananas because she wants him to like her. Like when Cheyenne was being picked on, and she just knit and said that Bananas makes fun of everyone. Normally, I’d like think Sarah would have stood up for Chey. Also, don’t think Bananas would have won with a bad partner, but he could have won with partners other than Sarah. I bet if Jenna was his partner he would have been in the exact same position.

  8. Nope. People can call Johnny Bananas the biggest scum of the earth, but I don’t blame him at all. Was it cool that he took all the money for himself, no, but I blame production for adding this twist. Production since Exes 2, love to make twists because let’s face it the show sucks now a days so they have to spice things up almost every episode to keep people tuning in. But guess what it’s not working because the cast they have now a days can’t make a good tv show from start to finish

  9. I’m tired of this “Sarah did the same thing to him” argument – she sent him into an elimination when they were on competing teams. He could have won that elimination and been in the final. Sarah ran an entire final at his side, competing hard and helping him win, and AS HER TEAMMATE, he said she didn’t deserve anything for that. Team Sarah all day every day.

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