The Challenge

Derrick Kosinski Looking To Return to The Challenge?!

In a world where Are You the One? and bloodlines fill up spots on The Challenge, old school fans are dying to get some true vets on the show.

As it turns out, Road Rules Xtreme alumni Derrick Kosinski may be trying make his come back.


According to a recent article, Derrick has made his interest quite obvious. He has been posted flash back on social media and engaging in Challenge conversations. Johnny Bananas revealed that Derrick does have genuine interested in the show and is going through a transitional period in his life and The Challenge may be the perfect buffer for him.

Of course, this is just an expression of interested. It does not, in any way, confirm her is going to be on the show. If he does make the cut it would be nice to have another true vet on the show and someone who has won multiple times. The only potential bad thing: he’d be an ally to Bananas, and a strong one at that.

Only time will tell if he will come back for his 10th season!


  1. Production would probably put him just for Johnny. Darrell has been trying to come back for years and yet production knows he will be a threat to him.

  2. Derrick hasnt been asked back since the Tonya incident. They have him on camera involved and was not named in the lawsuit in exchange for his testimony against Kenny, Evan, MTV and B&M.

  3. TBH I don’t think he should come back simply because it might ruin his legacy. Comeback in this game haven’t really had the best of times (see: Alton 2.0, Wes, Veronica, Rachel, TRASHelle)

      1. Rachel first came back on Island which was horrible for her. Then she came back AGAIN on Exes when was painful to watch

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