Are You The One? Challenge: Invasion

Have We Finally Accepted Are You the One? Onto the Challenge?

With another Challenge on the horizon, fans are buzzing about the prospective contestants. Given that we’ve seen ‘Are You the One?’ cast members on the past three seasons, it near-definite we will see AYTO cast members on Challenge 29. While we continue to speculate the cast for the upcoming season, fans seem to be adding various AYTO cast members to their wish list. It seems we may have finally reached the point where Are You the One is welcomed onto the show.


Flashback to Battle of the Exes 2. When Adam, Brittany, John J., and Simone were cast, the majority of cast members were enraged by the fact that AYTO were kicking out the Real Worlders & Fresh Meat from The Challenge. During that season, neither team made a huge splash though Adam & Brittany did have some shining moments. Then, Dario and Christina appears on Battle of the Bloodlines but both teams were sent home before the halfway mark.

Rivals 3 was a whole different ballgame for AYTO cast members. We saw a total of 10 AYTO alum on the cast. While some people left, or quit, pretty early on, others survived quite a while. In fact, Devin & Cheyenne made it to the final. Given the fact that we had a whole season with some of these kids, they seem to have gained quite a few fans. In particular, Devin has become one of the more memorable cast members from the season. People have gone to far as to compare him to Wes while other people are just grateful he is opposing Johnny Bananas.

As Challenge 29 approaches, people are hoping to see cast members like Devin, Cheyenne, Nate, or Brittany again. Not everyone shares this enthusiasm, but the number of people who are excited about the AYTO prospects seems to be growing. People are even picking favorites from AYTO4 who they’re hoping to see make the cast. As the series progresses, it seems Are You the One kids are going to become mainstays, and it looks likely some of them will become Challenge stars. Regardless, it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere.


  1. Mtv and BMP already stated that they are not going anywhere. People need to get over it.
    However, they need to introduce them on the challenge in a better way and select some better people. There’s a lot more athletic, competitive ayto ppl that haven’t made an appearance that could have made one over a few others that have.

  2. People have accepted it because the ones who didn’t aren’t fans of the show anymore. Instead of gaining viewers they just lost a bunch, I mean the show doesn’t even break 1M viewers anymore.

  3. They pick the smallest and unathletic ones that almost anyone can beat. JJ, Brandon, Nate, Simone, Christina, Cheyenne, devin (I know he did good on rivals 3 but he will lose against almost anyone in something physical), briana. Dario, Brittany, Nelson were okay but I don’t see them coming back in the future and So far the ones that bring something and I do see being asked a lot to the show are Devon, Adam, and Amanda.

  4. I’ve totally accepted them! Some of them are really great (greater than some RWers tbh). Asaf from this past season is sure to hit on a challenge

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