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5 Hidden Gem Real World Seasons

We all have Real World seasons we remember. Maybe it’s San Francisco where we followed Pedro’s journey. Maybe it’s Las Vegas where we saw the cast party and almost get pregnant. Maybe it’s Ex-Plosion where we saw the first ever twist and all the exes came in. Between these popular seasons there are Real World seasons that get less recognition yet have lasting impressions with those who viewed them.

If you want to back-track and watch some older Real World seasons without fear of them being “overrated,” these are the ones to watch.

1. Boston


If you’re looking for an oldie but goodie, Boston is a solid pick. One of the only seasons that is primarily set in a colder climate, it will take you back to the show’s roots. The cast is very well rounded and between Montana being the ultimate feminist and Syrus being the ultimate player, the cast has something for everyone. Add in some serious conversations about sexual assault, Montana getting fired from her job, and Genesis’s “Genesisisms” and there’s something good each episode.

2. San Diego

San Diego was quite a popular season, so perhaps this gem isn’t so hidden, but it was popular for all the right reasons. The cast had great chemistry but that didn’t stop each episode from being interesting. We had Frankie’s oddball antics, Brad and Cameran’s budding romance, and two cast members getting arrested in one night. It was certainly a season to remember.

3. Hollywood


Largely overlooked due to their lack of Challenge presence, Hollywood was a great season. We had a couple of legal cases and some very serious conversations about additions. Add in the fact that this season gave us one of the biggest villains the show ever saw and you’ll definitely be entertained.

4. New Orleans

Real World New Orleans

This season will best be remembered for Jemmye and Knight, which was one of the most romantic and interesting romances the show ever produced. However, there is much more to this season. In between blow-out fights and drunken antics we have an explosive cast full of quirks. Plus, there was some commitment to rebuilding New Orleans, so that’s a nice bonus.

5. Skeletons


Despite having aired very recently, the second twisted season was less popular than the first. However, there’s a lot to like about this season. The “skeleton” twist effectively added to the character development of each person and allowed us to explore some serious topics (like addition and bullying) and some can’t-look-away issues (like Tony’s three lover interests being in the house at the same time). If you’re looking for a truly explosive season, pick the season twisted season.


  1. Yes at Skeletons!!! It was a really deep and dark and interesting season unlike Ex-Plosion which felt like an annoying dating show full of models.

  2. I think San Diego has a severe knock on it for an entire month’s worth of footage being left out due to being in police custody. There was a roommate who was in the house just as long as the person he replaced, but only appeared in 4 episodes.

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