Real World Bad Blood

Can The Real World Recover From ‘Go Big or Go Home’

It seems like another season of The Real World has finished filming, but will anyone watch? The show has seen some lows, but nothing quite as low as “Go Big or Go Home.” Ratings fell, episodes were cringe-inducing, and there was minimal interest in the cast.


Go Big or Go Home will forever remain one of the biggest mistakes in Real World history. It was solid proof that a twist can make a show worse, and the cast can absolutely ruin the show. Now that season 32 isn’t too far away, it seems like production and MTV will have to get their shit together in order to reel in viewers.

While we don’t exactly know the twist for the upcoming season, it is known the cast is going to be BIG. We will have more people on the show than ever before, even more than Ex-Plosion. Not only will the cast have to remain interesting, editing will have to remain on point. If production had a hard time getting viewers invested in the eight Go Big Cast members, they will have to work extra hard to ensure they are invested in the huge cast of season 32.

They will also have to leverage the twist. On ‘Go Big or Go Home,” no one was entertained by the mission, and no mission resulted in a cast member going home. It was really just wasted time on TV. The twist on 32 will have to create some buzz, and it will have to be interesting enough to keep viewers watching.

And please, for the love of God, do not try to force controversy. It’s clear production cast certain people to butt-heads and they got exactly what they wanted. The cast got offended, and viewers cringed. Not a good idea for a TV show.

The Real World will have to do a lot to redeem itself after last season. Let’s just hope this season isn’t the final nail in the coffin.


  1. Maybe if they stop casting models and drunken idiots and start casting people with true life problems and people who don’t look like models all the time because that’s what people and the real world is like today

  2. I actually really liked it! Granted the last real good season was Portland before they started all these stupid twists but out of Explosion, Skeletons and GBOGH i thought this was the best season!

    1. This season was the first season in a long time that I didn’t watch all of it. I stopped after the third episode. The first two Las Vegas seasons were great because of the Vegas atmosphere and a great diverse cast. This season I did not get that at all.

  3. Let’s face it, the missions were crap and probably didn’t help that Chris leaked in information on Jenna. I admit the got good drama but you’re right it was cringe worthy.

  4. Seattle was only filmed for 8 weeks!? Is this the shortest time span shot for a season in Real World history?

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