Real World Bad Blood

Real World: Bad Blood Premiers October 12th


Seasons 32 is coming! This time, MTV is super upfront with the twist and the extra roommates.

Heading back to Seattle, the original seven roommates have an unpleasant surprise coming their ways: each roommate will be accompanied by someone they have “Bad Blood” with… hence the subtitle. This will bring the cast from seven cast members to fourteen, making it the biggest season yet.

What constitutes the “bad blood?” We have some ex-BFFs, ex-roommate, ex-lovers, sisters who were always compared to each other, cousins who stabbed each other in the back, and social media feuds.

Also, you might recognize one of the roommate if you watch Are You the One? 3. Mike Crescenzo, who is best remembered for a heated fight with Amanda, is on the cast with his ex-roommate who leant him $2,000.

I’m not opposed to this twist. It seems like the format we should have seen with Skeletons, and the seasons seems to be full of drama. We’ll see what this season has in store for us when it premiers on Wednesday, October 12th at 10 PM.


  1. Stopped watching the challenge last season and looks like I’ll be doing the same for real world this season. How can my once favorite tv shows turn into utter crap?

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