Real World Seattle

The Real World Seattle: What the City Gave Us the First Time

Like most of the recent Real World seasons, Real World Bad Blood returns to a city that once hosted The Real World. Eighteen years ago, MTV filmed The Real World in Seattle for the first time. As a long time viewer of the show, this stands out as one of the best seasons, certainly in my top three. To welcome a new season in this city, let’s take a look back at some of the moment that made the first season so great:


1. This was the first season that did not cast seven complete strangers because David and Nathan knew each other from military school. As a result, the intro was “seven people.” Also, they were picked to live in a pier, not a house, but this wasn’t the first season to not live in a “house” per the intro.

2. They had a bomb-ass job. They got to host their own radio show. This was the first season that had a job that would make the fans jealous. Compare it to Boston where the cast had to babysit an after school program, and Seattle clearly has the better job.

3. David had a serious crush on one of the casting producers, and dating a cast member is a huge no-no for the staff. This producer broke up with David, who exchanged an emotional conversation with her and cried in the car.

4. The cast went on vacation to Nepal. Remember when they used to get sent on vacation? I guess that’s just not in the budget any more.

5. Irene was sick, allegedly had Lyme disease, and quit the show.

6. While departing, Irene and Stephen got into a fight where Irene claimed a relationship would never work with Stephen because he’s a homosexual (in later years he would come out of the closet, but that’s beside the point). Stephen threw Irene’s stuffed dog into the water and as her taxi was pulling away he stopped the taxi and slapped Irene in the face.

7. The Aquagames- there was a random episode where the Seattle cast competed against Road Rules Australia. It was fun to watch, and clearly a stepping stone toward what would become The Challenge.

8. In one of the most emotional moments in Real World history, Lindsay discovers one of her friends commits suicide. I recall production doing a good job editing the episode to pay respect and highlight the fragility of life.

I definitely recommend checking out this season if you get the chance. I think Bad Blood will have a hard time competing against this season.


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