The Challenge

Ten Awkward Challenge Photos That Are Ten Years Old

The mid 00’s were a tough time for some of us. This post proves that The Challenge cast had some pretty rough moments.

1. Aneesa getting into a fight with Cara across The Gauntlet while looking like this. (The Gauntlet 2)


2. That time production couldn’t get Derrick a shirt with his name on it, so he had to be “not Abe.” (The Inferno 3)


3. When Tina and Kenny took a fun team photo, but Evelyn’s pout got in the way. (Fresh Meat)


4. When Julie cried on a truck because her team lost a challenge (The Gauntlet 2)


5. When veteran Robin had to pose for a photo with these unknown rookies. (The Duel)


6. Production told Cara and Susie to be playful, this is what they got (The Inferno 3).


7. This completely candid photo that everyone except for Beth was unaware of. (The Gauntlet 2)


8. Wes’s mohawk phase. (Fresh Meat)


9. Kina’s face after she lost a Duel. (The Duel)


10. … and of course, Tonya’s “costume.” (Fresh Meat)



  1. I have a theory that you can gouge out Beth’s eyes, and she would be able to tell when a camera is pointed at her.

    I guess they didn’t have extra-small shirts for Derrick. In other news, I’m hoping he doesn’t come back.

  2. What about brads face when he gets a wedgie from the miz and you should also mention Timmy mocking aneesa in the first one

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