The Challenge

Could Cara Maria Become the Next Two-Time Champion?

With the Challenge becoming more and more competitive, it’s not too often we see a new person win a Challenge. Technically we saw Sarah become a two-time champion last season, but it took her nine seasons to get there.

After Battle of the Bloodlines, Cara Maria became our most recent female champ. If she returns to The Challenge, she will attempt to be the next two-time champion.


Bloodlines was a difficult season for Cara Maria. Yes, she won, but it was a rocky road to the finish line. She was a part of some jeopardizing alliances, had some massive drama with Abe, and continued her rivalry with Bananas. Between all of these things, Cara Maria would have a serious chip on her shoulder.

After Bloodlines, a lot of people were anti-Cara Maria. They thought her gameplay was sneaky and her unique way of making allies was unnecessary. Even ignoring the fact that she was in a relationship with Abram, Cara Maria was flirting her way into alliances. While she may have found some success with this technique, this is also a deceptive technique to make allies. Add in the fact that she continues to be budding heads with Bananas, and it seems like people will continue to be anti-Cara Maria. As we’ve seen time and time again, Bananas alliance tends to have some serious influence in the game so it seems like Cara Maria will continue to be against Bananas.

However, there are some Challengers who are pro-Cara Maria. She finally got her win, and she’s no longer in a relationship with Abe. This is a good time for her to turn over a new leaf and forge new relationships. After all, Cara Maria is now a champion and she had a lot of experience in the game. If she puts her mind to it, she could have a lot of influence in the how. Add in the fact that she’s a strong competitor. If nothing else works, she could fight her way to the end of the game.

While becoming a two-time champion is a difficult, I think Cara Maria has a good shot. She continues to be in great physical shape, she seems to a happier and more confident. These are the things that will help her win again.


  1. I think she can especially if someone take out Bananas on the challenge (hey until that bitch gives Sarah the money, I’m going to be anti-Bananas)

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