The Challenge

Is It Time For CT to Return to The Challenge?

To say CT is a fan favorite may be an understatement. The name CT has basically become synonymous with The Challenge, and when a new season comes out most many people will ask “is CT on it?” before they even know the format. With all of this said, CT went through some tough times and his hiatus from The Challenge is certainly understandable. While we haven’t seen him formally cast on the past two seasons, he seems to be dipping his toe back into the Challenge waters. He appeared on a Rivals 3 Aftershow, he’s been doing interviews, and he participate on MTV’s Mountain Dew promotional challenge alongside three of the biggest stars from Rivals 3:

If CT does return for the next season, we will likely see a different version of him. He has been keeping low, and has been very mellow since Battle of the Exes 2. It seems being on MTV and The Challenge is not his priority in life. Even if he isn’t the same hot-head we know, he’ll still be a strong competitor on the show. However, he may not be putting the same amount of effort into training because the show isn’t his priority in life. I’m not say he won’t be a threat- of course he will. However, I don’t think he’ll hit the field with the same intensity we’re used to.

Regardless of his changes in life, CT needs to come back to the show! Even he admits he is missing it. He likes the competition and it has been a part of his life for almost 15 years now!

There is one exception: if the next season ends up being Battle of the Exes 3, I don’t think he should be cast. Sure, production could fudge a relationship with someone like Mandi, Anastasia, even Laurel (which would nearly guarantee him the win). However, Exes was the show where he reconnected with Diem, and everyone was rooting for them. Putting him on that season may be a painful reminder to him and the fans as to why he is on hiatus.

Otherwise, bring him back!


  1. I vote no. I think he’s outgrown the franchise, and he’s a rare case of becoming a better person on the show. If he comes back, he might wreck his reputation. As much as I’d like to see him belt Johnny and his idiot cousin with a single punch, CT is better off without the show. Maybe he could host?

  2. Oh that’s a tough one. Before Diem’s death it would have been a big NO. I haven’t forgiven him for those comments he made to Leah back in the Inferno. Plus he got kicked out twice for violence. However, I kind of want to see him back maybe win and donate some of the money to Diem’s Medgift. Maybe all of it for all I care. I’m sure he’ll give more money to Medgift than Johnny give to Sarah. However honestly I’m not sure he will because him coming back to a Challenge, a show where he met Diem might be painful for him.

  3. Yesssssss! He’s coming back. They’re probably offering money he can’t refuse for this season. He loves competing in the Challenges. I just think he’s grown tired of all the other garbage that goes along with it, the fights or even promoting leading up to and during airtime. He’s so over that shit. He’s the biggest star this show has, CT is synonymous with MTV’s The Challenge. Regardless of wins, CT is the Challenge at this point for both the core audience and a broad. They will jump thru hoops to have him return.

  4. Oh please NO! It will 1000000% without a doubt tarnish his legacy. It’s fine as is with him on the aftershows. The only other acceptable way is if he comes as a host but that would mean TJ’s out :/

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