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Real Worlders Who Left With Bad Blood

In honor of the new Real World season premiering this week, let’s check out some of the more recent Real World seasons were cast members left each other with “bad blood.” While some of these people may have made amends (thanks to Challenges like “Rivals”) others still have beef with their former roommates.

Jasmine & Jonna (Real World Cancun)


Despite the fact that Jonna came into The Real World with a committed boyfriend, a boy came between Jasmine and Jonna’s friendship. Jasmine was involved with a co-worker named Patrick who later hooked up with Jonna and divided the friendship. At least these two were able to compete on Rivals together where they were pretty successful and kind of mended their friendship.

Paris & Trisha (Real World Sydney)


Back in the days before smart phones, girls took time on the landline phone very seriously. When Parisa refused to give up the phone so Trisha could call her parents who had been flying, the two got into a shoving match. Ultimately, Parisa was able to evict Trisha from the Real World house thanks to her shoving antics.

Preston & Ryan (Real World New Orleans)


Ryan was a peculiar creature who often rubbed his roommates the wrong way. This was especially true when he used derogatory words to describe Preston. Despite Preston’s best efforts, the two never saw eye-to-eye. At one point, Preston peed on Ryan’s toothbrush and the cops go involved. Eventually the roommates banded together to get Ryan out of the house, and it’s safe to assume Ryan doesn’t talk to any of them.

Dustin & Mike (Real World Las Vegas)


Dustin came onto The Real World with some baggage, and when Mike brought up this baggage (IE, the fact that Dustin was in gay porn) it divided the two. Tensions amounted to a physical fight where Dustin shoved Mike, and that was the end of any possibility of the two getting along.

Frank & Zach (Real World San Diego)


Frank can be a lot to handle, and the fact that Zach & Ashley separated themselves from Frank and his antics angered Frank. Add in the fact that Zach is not the most politically correct person and we have one angry Frank who did not hesitate to confront Zach.

Nia & Averey… and Johnny… and Jordan (Real World Portland)


Nia was a storm of drama from the second she set foot into the Real World house. She tried to seduce Jordan just to prove a point, but her biggest fight occurred over some dog shit. Eventually, she attacked Johnny R. with a hair dryer and got into multiple brawls with Averey. While Averey seems to have mended ties with Nia, Johnny and Jordan still hold a lot of animosity toward her.

Jason & Nicole (Real World Skeletons)


Nicole was cool with being one of Jason’s “bros” on The Real World, until the two got into a fight and Jason physically threw Nicole. This angered Nicole, and the rest of the cast, but Jason didn’t get sent home because he hadn’t met his skeleton yet. While Nicole tried to forgive Jason, there is some clear anger that lurks.

CeeJai & Jenna (Real World Go Big)


CeeJai did her best to try and be understanding of Jenna’s ignorance and tried to help Jenna open her eyes. However, Jenna seemed to be stuck in her ways and really didn’t grow during the filming of Real World Go Big. Eventually, Jenna and her friend laughed over some racist remarks during a Skype call and CeeJai heard. Finally, CeeJai took Jenna to the school of hard knocks and gave her an old fashioned beating.


    1. Jesscia’s and Anastasia’s drama was pretty petty tbh. everyone else on this list went through some major s***! And this list was specifically for Real World Roommates. not for Challenge partners.

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