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Just in cast anyone wanted to discuss the Real World Bad Blood cast, or wanted all of the cast info in one place. All pictures and biographies courtesy of MTV.

Anika & Will


Ex-lovers Anika and Will go together like oil and water: The yin yang pair dated for three years, and during that time Anika was constantly annoyed that Will couldn’t match her dominance. Anika is confident that Will still loves her, but Will insists that he will “never, never, never” put himself under the spoiled, controlling grip of his former girlfriend again. However, the two still have to see each other occasionally: Will is close friends with Anika’s brother, but she despises the fact that Will still hangs around her family.

Anika and Will’s relationship is (obviously) complicated: After dating Brooklyn-born and bred Anika, “Willy from Philly” and his next girlfriend found out they were expecting a baby. He’s currently single, but his child is a huge point of contention with Anika, who remembers when they talked about having kids together. In addition, Anika — who openly admits to being bossy and aggressive — is furious that Will never told her he was having a baby. She actually learned about the impending arrival through social media (she was even more angry that her brother attended the baby shower).

Although this twosome has been broken up for some time, there’s a lot of unresolved angst between the once hot-and-heavy duo. They both admit to jealously issues, and fireworks are sure to fly if either one of them catches the other getting too friendly with someone else in the house or at the bar.

Jordan & Orlana

realworld_32_ep_xx_1764-1473190734A wild and sexual girly girl and a hippy tomboy may seem like an unlikely duo, but Jordan and Orlana spent years being the best of friends. However, the friendship came to a halt when a video of Orlana’s crush surfaced on Jordan’s social media. Orlana felt betrayed by Jordan, especially since the clip was recorded inside his bedroom. Orlana is known to be super-jealous when it comes to guys, and she was shocked that Jordan would allow this to happen — and she also felt that Jordan began to choose sex, partying and superficiality over their longstanding friendship.

Another tension-filled situation between the gals: Jordan once forced Orlana into a double-date situation — with Jordan ending up in the bedroom, while Orlana was left on the couch with a “creepy” guy she didn’t like. The tendency for Jordan to be self-centered in their friendship was a large issue for Orlana. But incidents with men wasn’t the only reason the duo had difficulties: Orlana felt that they were growing apart due to differences on issues like race. Specifically, Orlana believes that Jordan is racist because of her disinterest in black men (Jordan’s mother is African American). Both Orlana and Jordan’s families hope the two can mend their five-year friendship, but unless Jordan can humble herself for an apology, this feud will stay intact.

Katrina & Anna

realworld_32_ep_xx_1665-1473191031Simply put, the siblings butt heads over everything and have a tendency to endure long bouts of silence and resentment toward each other (usually prompted by Anna’s mood swings and Katrina’s selfish tendencies). Their disagreements have even turned physical, and police were involved after one tension-filled incident in their mom’s driveway. The best way to describe their bond is hot and cold: At times, the Florida natives can hang out and have wild outings together, but their hangouts always quickly turn into dramatic fireworks. Though complete opposites, they will still defend each other — but when they’re “off,” the pair can go months without speaking (their current status).

The root of Katrina’s resentment toward Anna stems from their parents (who are now divorced). Katrina — who is two years younger — feels that their mom and dad often compared the two of them, and that “Anna was always the perfect child,” while she was the opposite. These two have an explosive dynamic that will rear its ugly head when they don’t have the option of ignoring each other after a disagreement — and the house will be the ultimate test for them to resolve or potentially further their problems, which are plentiful.

Mike & Peter

realworld_32_ep_xx_1862-1473191097-2They say best friends should never live together — and Peter and Mike are a prime example of this aforementioned statement. Before moving in, the two were best buddies and the ultimate party partners in crime — but things took a turn when Peter broke their “no girlfriends” rule and, as Mike puts it, moved his girlfriend (of three days) Claryness into their bachelor pad. But before the ladylove issue, the boys took a guys’ trip to Miami where Peter lent $2,000 to Mike, who was upfront about being broke. Mike promised to pay Peter back as soon as he had money, and the two lived it up during their vacay.

Fast-forward to their roommate dilemma: Mike became increasingly frustrated with Claryness, and the tension in the house further mounted. Eventually, it all came to a head as Claryness left Peter, and Peter ultimately blamed Mike for tearing them apart. Fed up, Mike moved out, and the looming $2,000 debt to Peter was out of sight, out of mind. Eventually, Mike left Peter a “heartfelt” message apologizing, but Peter was so furious with Mike at this point that he never returned the call. Peter was fed up with Mike’s neverending excuses and is glad to be rid of “the worst roommate he ever had.” Peter will tell you he’s one to hold a grudge — and he’s certainly far from forgiving Mike for moving out on him, never paying him back and costing him the love of his love. Can these former best friends find a way to move past their beef, or will revenge be the only payment Peter accepts?

Robbie & Jennifer


The erstwhile couple first met at one of the clubs where he was a DJ — and by the end of the night, she finally gave in to his charm, despite first describing him as a “toolbag.” They dated for eight months, but halfway through, Robbie’s jealous nature emerged. Jen — who was a couple of years older than Robbie — was legally able to drink during their romance and enjoyed going out to bars and clubs. Her party lifestyle infuriated a then-underage Robbie — and as a result, he didn’t trust her around other men. The issue festered, and eventually they began acting out to make each other jealous — and this type of behavior would sometimes lead to loud and public displays of screaming.

The breaking point: A year and a half ago, one of their coworkers posted a photo of himself and Jen together on social media, and then tagged Robbie. Jen says she doesn’t know why he broke up with her and wasn’t given a reason, which eventually led to a final blowup. To this day, Jen admits she never got closure on their relationship. But after a disagreement following their breakup, “Masserobbiee” (a combination of Maserati + Robbie) blocked her number and all of her social media, and they haven’t talked since. And the last time Jen heard from Robbie, he sent her a video of him burning all of the stuff she had bought him during their relationship. Hopefully, no items get torched in Seattle…

Theo & Kassius

realworld_32_ep_xx_2006-1473191391The cousins were thick as thieves and best friends until a dorm-room bust would alter the course of Theo’s future forever and create a rift that even family ties couldn’t prevent. The backstory: The relatives were roomies together at Eastern, where Theo had a full-ride scholarship to play football (and this is where the “he said, he said,” begins). Theo stated he had warned Kassius not to keep weed in their dorm because if caught, he’d suffer the consequences. According to Theo, Kassius ignored his warnings and hid marijuana in one of Theo’s Muscle Milk bottles. When cops searched their dorm room after a call was made about the “smell of marijuana,” the pot was discovered, and Theo shouldered the blame as Kassius watched silently. However, Kassius has a different take. He says that the weed was Theo’s, and when the police showed up, they split up possessions to be searched. The police not only found the weed but counterfeit money that Theo had stashed in his wallet. Theo was taken out in cuffs, while Kassius was off the hook.

The repercussions were massive: Not only did Theo serve two days in jail and a year on probation, but he was also suspended from school and kicked off of the team. His very promising football career was destroyed. Theo holds the record for longest kick return in high school in Illinois history and was the first black quarterback recruited at his Catholic high school. Since the incident, Theo has shunned Kassius — when they’re at family get-togethers, Theo won’t acknowledge Kassius’ presence, and they rarely talk.

The two are now very competitive with each other, and Theo was infuriated to hear that Kassius also interviewed for MTV. Kassius says that it was Theo’s jealousy and anger that caused Theo to fall out with him. There’s no doubt this blood rivalry will make waves in the house.

Tyara & Kimberly

realworld_32_ep_xx_2134-1473191575Tyara and Kim went to high school together, and according to Tyara, Kim has never liked her. The past classmates have dueling social media platforms — Kim on Tumblr and Tyara on Instagram — which is where the foundation of their strife was built. However, the main beef stems from Tyara’s accusations that Kim posted videos on Tumblr which mocked Tyara — and that Kim’s social media fans bullied Tyara in Kim’s name. Meanwhile, Kim recalls that Tyara made a video of herself speaking in a British accent — an accent Kim asserts is not real and did not exist in high school. In Kim’s eyes, she was just simply bringing that fact to light; however, Tyara notes that she has family overseas, which is where her accent originated.

But the anger runs deeper: After Kim broke up with her rapper boyfriend in high school, Tyara started dating him, which she believes hurt Kim. Regardless of who’s jealous and who’s faking it, there’s no love lost between these popular beauties. They are both head-turners who are used to getting their way. In the house, Tya won’t take kindly to Kim critiquing her every move — and Kim’s inability to keep her mouth shut means these two will be headed down an explosive path. Tya has a strong hatred for Kim and will use this opportunity to get revenge.

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