Real World Bad Blood

Real World Bad Blood: Top Moments From Episodes 1 & 2

Hello Seattle, the new kids are in town!

1. Seattle Bound


The cast arrives in Seattle, and move into their new pad! Unlike previous seasons, there is very little time for introductions. The cast just moves in and acknowledges that they’re in Seattle. Production even tries to dance around the fact that Mike was on Are You the One?, though it is briefly acknowledged.

2. First Night Fling


The cast goes clubbing, and out of everyone on the cast, Mike has the biggest crush on Jordan. Too bad she doesn’t return these feelings. Mike tries to flirt with her and tries to make a move, but she’s not having it. They spend two hours together in the confessional, but nothing happens and Mike goes to bed with a bruised ego.

3. Peer Pressured 

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-6-32-17-pmThe cast plays a friendly game of Truth or Dare, but the questions and dares are rather uncomfortable. Tyara leaves shortly after the game begins because she doesn’t want to nibble ears or talk about her favorite sex position. Robbie draws a dare requiring him to bite Theo’s lip, which he doesn’t want to do, but agrees to do it if Anika streaks both floors of the house. After tons of peer pressuring, Robbie quickly bites Theo’s lip. Mike applauds Robbie for being a team player, but confesses he’d never bite another guy’s lip. This annoys Robbie, who regrets his decision.

4. Roommate Regret


After overhearing her roommates calling her a buzzkill, Tyara confronts her roommates for making her uncomfortable. More so, she feels bad for Robbie who is now crying because he is embarrassed he bit Theo’s lip. Angry, Robbie makes fun of Mike for getting rejected by Jordan. The two almost get into a fight, but production steps in and breaks the up. However, Robbie gets sent to a hotel because he is crying and trying to start a fight.

5. First Regrets


Robbie returns to the house and apologizes for being so belligerent. The cast accepts, and Mike also apologizes for instigating the fight. Of course, the cast must tread lightly knowing they have a few loose cannons in the house.

6. Getting Crushed


The cast goes out to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July, and Tyara and Theo are clearing vibing. Tyara knows she has a crush, but she gets mad when they go out to a club and Theo received another girl’s twerk. She snubs Theo, and when she try to talk to Theo the next day Theo just ignores her. It’s only the first week, and things are getting really uncomfortable.

7. Family Feud


Katrina talks to her sister on Skype, and the whole cast likes her sister. Katrina then reveals they have a complicated relationship. This is demonstrated when the cast goes bowling and Katrina received an angry call from her sister. It is then revealed that Katrina’s issues with her sister stem from the fact that Katrina made out with a guy who allegedly sexually assaulted her sister. Katrina didn’t know at the time, but this resulted in some Bad Blood.

8. Sparks Fly Again


Tyara and Theo eventually talk, and Tyara reveals she has past issues that make her more reserved and stone faced. Theo understands, and confesses he has a crush on Tyara. The two really seem to get along, and even get caught making out in Theo’s bed!


  1. Ha-haaa! I said that same exact thing. He’s got to be the oldest looking cast member ever. Not surprising she would turn him down initially. He looks like somebody’s father. I never watch AYTO, but he better have some kind of bang up personality to be cast on both shows and land that bird, Jordan. Or so it appears.

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