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Which Skeletons/ Bloodline Is The Worst?

Real World Skeletons and Real World Bad Blood introduced us to cast members who have some tumultuous past relationships. While some cast members had awful experiences, others got off easy. Between the two seasons, we’ve been a bunch of enemies who stem from different relationships, and now it’s time to pick the worst.

The Best:

1. A Sibling (Bruno, Nicole & Madison’s Skeleton, Katrina’s Bad Blood)1f263070-5872-11e4-a994-ed69a5d8c61a_bb_briah_final_2Being paired with a sibling is going to be tough at first (unless you’re Nicole), but it is also the most rewarding. For both Bruno and Madison, this mended broken relationships. However, both had to address some negativity before they could improve upon their relationship. We’ll see how Katina handles this on Bad Blood, but it seems her highs with her sister are really high, but there are a lot of lows as well.

2. A Former Friend (Jordan’s Bad Blood)realworld_32_ep_xx_1764-1473190734-2Similar to having a sibling on the show, there is a lot of possibility to rekindle a good relationships. However, friends are typically more disposable than siblings, and sometimes it’s best to just end the relationship. We’ll see how Jordan handles having her former friend on the show with her, but she could leaving with an improved relationship or a deeper wound from a relationship gone sour.

3. A Cousin (Theo’s Bad Blood)

You’re cousin could be very rewarding, just like a sibling, if you’re very close. However, the strength of this Bad Blood/Skeleton is dependent upon the strength of the relations. Also, Theo’s cousin was his roommate when their relationship went south… which we’ll get to.

4. Your Bully (Violetta’s Skeleton, Tyara’s Bad Blood)


Living with your bully is going to be awful, but it could help to strengthen character. Having a bully in the house may allow you to get closure, as most people stop communication with a bully by ending communication entirely. This will also reenforced personal growth if you have become a better person  from your experience being bullied.

5. Your Parent (Jason’s Skeleton)


Again, this depends upon the strength of the relations. In Jason’s circumstance, he had no relationship with his father. While this allows him to get some questions answered it also forces him to interaction with someone he wanted to avoid.

6. Your Former Roommate (Mike & Theo’s Bad Blood)


Roommates are meant to be disposable. Sure, you can make a good friend, but you can also abandon a roommate without any need for future contact. Especially in Mike’s case, he probably could have never spoken to Peter again and been fine in life. In fact, he’s going to be forced to deal with issues he could have swept under the rug and never dealt with.

7. An Ex-Girlfriend (Tony & Madison’s Skeletons, Anika & Robbie’s Bad Blood)


An ex has a lot of history with you, but he or she is also no longer essential to your life. Many people have an ex with whom they do not communicate, and they’d be fine avoiding that person. While there is some potential for a rewarding relationship, it’s pretty low and you’ll likely be reminded of why you broke up.

8. Your Former Boss (Sylvia’s Skeleton)


Unless you need your boss as a reference, let her go. There’s not really any need to keep her in your life.

The Worst


  1. Also I know it’s another season but Sabrina reunited with her mom on GBOGH. Also the “ex-boss” was a crod because she wasn’t a boss, co-worker but not a boss.

  2. Theo barely made the team at his teachers college. Eastern Illinois. He was not even rated as a high school prospect of note much less could he have expected any career in the next level. Check out his jump shot on last night’s episode. Not really the shot made by an athlete.

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