Real World Bad Blood

Real World Bad Blood: Top Moments From Episode 3

A storm is coming!

1. No Joking Matter


Tyara and Theo come up with a great prank idea. They’re going to take some of the suitcase decorations and label them as if two new roommates are moving in. Robbie, Anika, and Jordan see the suitcases and are totally convinced. Their minds start racing, and they start to assume the worst cast scenario. Tyara eventually confesses to Robbie that it’s a prank, but this prank may foreshadow something to come…

2. The “New” Cast


Seven people are told they’re being cast on a “new” MTV show (FYI, they were actually told they were cast on Roa Rules, hence the RV). Once they’re all gathered, the producers reveal they are actually the twist for The Real World. All of these new kids have a bad relationship with one of the Real World roommates, and production is going to exploit that relationship.

3. Twisted Sisters


Throughout the episode we hear all of the cast members talk about their battered relationships. The most affected is probably Katrina’s sister Anna. She is upset for a number of reasons, but she knows they always fight. She doesn’t want to fight on TV, but she also loves her sister. Because they still have love, she doesn’t want to ruin Katrina’s experience. Anna becomes the first person to threaten to quit if things get too out of control.

4. Blood Will Be Shed


The original roommates start to put the pieces together. Katrina finds out her sister is flying, but no one will tell her why Anna is flying. Robbie uses Twitter geotagging to discover his ex is two hours away from the house. The OGs realize they have enemies approaching. Tyara doesn’t know who would be her nemesis. She hopes for an ex, but she toys with the possibility that her high school bully may be coming. Of course, the worst case scenario is approaching Tyara and her “bully” Kimberly is on the RV telling everyone about Tyara’s “fake” English accent.

5. Forming a Pact


The newbies enjoy one night together before entering the house. They bond, and Will (Anika’s ex) proposes they all stick together. That may be a good idea, because the OGs are at home talking about how much they dislike their enemies. Tyara even threatens to leave the show, but she won’t guarantee she’ll leave without a bang.

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