Real World Denver

10 Reasons Real World Denver Will Be Remembered

Believe it or not, it has been about 10 years since the debut of Real World Denver. Whether you loved or hated this season, it was certainly one of the most wild seasons the show gave us. Here are some of the biggest reasons this season will be among the most remembered Real World Seasons:

1. The House Nuts!


Production put a lot into this house. They a semi-real ski lift in the house, an indoor hot tub, and and outdoor basketball court. Was some of this unnecessary? Yes, but this was what production did when they were actually given a decent budget.

2. The First Night Love Triangle

A lot of seasons have hook ups on the first night, but Alex managed to make out with Colie then have sex with Jenn on the first night, literally starting the season off with a bang.

3. It Challenged Many Social Justice Views

Between Davis’s sexuality and religious views, the drunken fight between Davis and Tyrie, Stephen’s religion, or Tyrie’s arrest, there were a lot of discussion about social justice issues. While these topics get a lot of coverage now, they were talked about less in 2016.

4. Davis Was One of the Most Unique Gay Cast Members

Davis was openly gay, but he was also a frat boy and a Christian. While these things seem like they may conflict with each other, Davis made it work.

5. Colie Was Sick

Early into the season Colie was diagnosed with mono, so we got to watch her read all season and lie on the couch.


6. Tyrie Got Arrested

It’s always interesting when someone gets arrested, but Tyrie got arrested for the silliest reasons… public urination outside of his own house. He spent the night in detox, but the incident certainly bruised his ego.

7. The Job From Hell

The cast had to work for a company called “Outward Bound” which provided outdoor experiences for teens who were impacted by Hurricane Katrina. While this job was certainly rewarding and is a great job for certain people, it was a challenge getting these roommates to leave the bar and show up for work. Especially the unathletic ones.

8. The Vacation

Back when the cast actually got to take vacations, they went to Thailand where Brooke and Colie fought for attention. Also, Brooke allegedly got stung by a jellyfish and Alex had to pee on her.

9. The Season Was Really Long

With 28 episodes, it was airing for half a year and is the longest season.

10. …and Of Course, Brooke’s Melt Down

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