Real World Bad Blood

Real World Bad Blood: Top Moments from Episode 4

The Bad Blood are coming……. eventually.

1. Bad Bloodline


To continue the theme from last week, we’re getting to learn about the divisions between the OGs and the Bad Blood. This week, we learn about Theo and his cousin Kassius. The two roomed together in college, and when the police found weed in their dorm room, Kassius let Theo take the blame. Theo maintains his innocence, but Kassius claims the weed was Theo’s. At this point, Theo denies all attempts at communication and the two haven’t really spoken is two years.

2. Tya-Rex


The cast goes clubbing and then they leave. Six of them walk out, but Tyara is left behind. Once again she is mad. Mike tries to calm her down, and she agrees not to confront anyone until the next morning. Then Theo and Katrina talk to her then Tyara gets angry again. Theo is sick of her getting mad… but after a short break he realizes that he needs to be there for Tya. Then they two go upstairs and go to bed together.

 3. Welcome to the Jungle


The OGs enjoy a day trip to the zoo, and while they’re there the new roommates move in. The “Bad Blood” begin to realize they’re intruding on a house that has already been broken in, and they are the outsides who need to band together.

4. Sharks Meet Blood


The cast comes home from the zoo and see their surprise! Their “bad blood” is in the house. They’re pretty surprised, but they had a strong feeling a twist was coming. The initial reaction is very awkward.  There are some handshakes and hellos, but no one resorts to screaming or fighting. However, there is a lot of tension that will need to be released somehow.

5. Weeding Out the Fakes


Kassius and Mike start talking, and Kassius claims Peter (Mike’s “bad blood”) is his brother from another mother. Mike wonders how they can become so close so fast, and then Mike admits he’s heard the story about Theo getting caught with weed in college. Kassius proceeds to tell the story, but Theo interrupts and attempts to point out all the flaws in Kassius’s recollection of the story. This leads to bickering between Kassius and Theo, which then escalates to Tyara getting in Peter’s face one he doubts her English accent and security arriving on the scene.

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