Real World Bad Blood

Which ‘Bad Blood’ Cast Member Has It the Easiest?

Every time we get a Real World twist, it seems like at least one cast members gets off easy. Jamie’s ex didn’t show up on Ex-Plosion. Nicole’s “skeletons” were her beloved triplet sisters. A bunch of people weren’t really tested on Go Big or Go Home. On Real World Bad Blood, it seems like production has done a good job of actually getting enemies to appear on the show. While all of the relationships certainly have suffered some strain, some have suffered more than others.


For far, it seems like Tyara and Theo are having the most difficult time adjusting to live with their Bad Blood, so they’re certainly not going to on this list. On the other hand, some people seem to be OK with Bad Blood being in the house. Here are the three people who are the most likely to have an enjoyable time with their Bad Blood:

3. Jordan– It seems like her beef with Orlana is really, really petty. The two used to be friends and then got into a fight over a guy. Now that this guy is out of the picture, the two have an opportunity to squash their beef and become friends once again.

2. Anika– While it’s very likely exes will have some tension, Anika and Will maintained a relationship after breaking up. Once Will got a girl pregnant and hid it from Anika their relationship went south. While there is certainly good reason to say these two have “bad blood,” there is also good reason to believe they can overcome their troubles. After all, if they can remain friends after a break up they can probably work on their smaller problems.

1. Mike– I’m still baffled. Why is Mike on this show? Allegedly the two stopped talking because of a girl and because of money, but they seemed pretty cordial when Mike saw Peter in the house. I’d bet these two squash their issue pretty quickly and become friends by the end of the season.

Which people do you think have the least bad blood?

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