Real World Bad Blood

Is Tyara’s Accent Fake?

Now that the bad blood are in the house, a fight has emerged between the OGs and the bad blood. Among the most effected is Tyara, whose high school rival Kimberly joined her in the house.


In case you missed it, here is the Tyara’s back story: her family moved around a lot. As a young child she was living in the UK and because of this she has an English accent. She went to high school in the US where she met Kimberly. Allegedly Kimberly bullied Tyara and stated her accent and ass were fake.

Prior to Kimberly being in the house, Tyara wasn’t exactly clicking with her roommates. She refused to play the PG13 ice breakers on the first night, and she argued with her roommates after they abandoned her in the club. Due to these incidents, some cast members speculated Tyara was needy for attention.

When Kimberly first met the bad blood, she warned all of them that Tyara was fake and had a fake accent. They didn’t seem to doubt her despite the fact that they never met Tyara. Shortly after moving into the house Tyara got into a fight with Kassius and Peter. During this argument, Peter accused her of losing her accent for a moment. While this was only one isolated instance there seem to be increasing reasons to doubt the legitimacy of this accent.

I am not stating that accent if fake, however there is certainly is a case against the authenticity of the accent. What do you think?


  1. So I also went to Alpharetta High School and I also went to Hopewell Middle School with Tyara and Kim , and she didn’t have an accent at all. She moved around 11th grade but I’m not sure where. I doubt that it’s possible to pick up an accent that quickly though. I knew as soon as I heard her that the accent was fake lol. It’s really sad that she has to fake something like that just to get more attention and followers.

  2. It sounds fake but I can’t help but feel bad for her. She’s defensive, angry & a HUMAN BEING. No one deserves bullying, she didn’t freaking kill anyone. It’s obvious she’s been through some hurt by her overacting & sensitivity. She chose to put herself out there by being on the show but not that many would turn down that opportunity.

  3. When MTV played the casts audition videos the video from Tyara didn’t sound like she had an accent at all. Also my cousin, who lived in England until she was 28 years old said the accent sounded fake.

  4. Her accent is definitely fake because if you watch episode 11 she’s totally lost her accent because she’s focused on her family problem instead of Faking It

    1. I should have read your comment before posting mine (“In the second . . . it just disappears) . . but ya I TOTALLY noticed that!

  5. In the second last episode, when she’s leaving and really upset, there is NO sign of an english accent. . . it just disappears.

  6. She dropped the accent a great number of times. Not saying the wasn’t a little in there but she definitely did a better job of embellishing it in the beginning.

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