Real World Bad Blood

Real World Bad Blood: Top Moments from Episode 6

Love and forgiveness are in the air. Then they’re not.

1.Heartbreak Hotel


Robbie and Jennifer finally start talking, and it’s clear they’re certainly not on the worst terms. While they technically are exes, they weren’t together for a super long time and Robbie just ended things by not talking to Jenn. Jenn wants closure, and Robbie apologizes. The two hope they can remain friends, which is good because Jenn has a boyfriend at home.

2. Snap Friendship


Tension is building between Jordan and Orlana, who haven’t talked since Orlana moved in. Their friendship ended after Jordan went to a party and sent videos of herself partying with a guy to Orlana. This was a guy Orlana had a crush on, and Orlana felt Jordan was taunting her. Additionally, Orlana had once told Jordan she had attempted suicide and Jordan did not react well. After this confession, Orlana felt her relationship with Jordan never recovered. The two finally talk and apologize for the bar blood and seem to want to continue working on their friendship.

3. Family Affair


Katrina is growing increasingly jealous of Anna’s relationship with Peter. Katrina feels Peter is immature, but Anna feels Katrina always finds a reason to ruin her relationships with boyfriends or best friends. While the two differ, Anna wants to strengthen her relationship with her sister and asks Peter for space. Peter now feels like he’s completely done with Anna but at least he has two months to do whatever he wants.

4. Friends before Lovers


As we’ve seen in prior episodes, Mike has been chasing Jordan to no avail. Jordan insists that she doesn’t want to hook up with a guy until she knows he’s her man. Mike promises that he’s into Jordan, and the two keep hanging out. They end up rolling around in bed together but Jordan swears they’re not having sex.

5. Second Chance at First Love


After a night out, Peter tells Jenn that she was his number one pick, but he only went to Anna because Jenn said she had a boyfriend. Anna overhears this and confronts Peter, but that doesn’t stop him from hanging out with Jenn. The two end up on the couch together, and Peter kisses Jenn on the cheek. It doesn’t last long until they’re full-on making out. Wonder if Jenn’s boyfriend will like that?

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