Real World Bad Blood

Peter & Anna: Can This Work?

The Real World has its newest couple on the horizon, assuming no one gets in their way. Upon meeting each other, Peter and Anna had an immediate connection. Now that they’re in the house together, it seems like other people want to put an end to their romance before it even begins.


It seems obvious that these two should at least try becoming an item. They share feelings for each other and most people see no reason for them not to be together. That is, until you consider how the Real World Bad Blood twist will impact them. These two joined the cast as part of the twist and now that they’re living with their “bad blood” they have some obstacles in their relationship.

Mike doesn’t seem to object to the relationship. However, Katrina and Anna seem to dislike Mike. Now that Mike and Peter have mended their friendship it seems likely Peter will be associated with Mike’s antics. Perhaps he will not always side with Mike, but he will find himself as a middle man who is left to mediate conflict.

The bigger struggle comes from Katrina. As Anna mentioned, Katrina has been a dividing force in her past relationships. Once Katrina began to suspect Anna liked Peter, she became very protective of her older sister. This made Peter uncomfortable and resulted in his hesitation toward the relationship. While Katrina kind of gave her blessing, she made it clear that she would remain protective of her sister. While Peter may still be interested in Anna, it’s scary to know every argument will result in a 2 vs. 1 battle.

Without the bad blood, it seems obvious these two would be into each other. Can this relationship last with all four living in the same house?

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