Real World Bad Blood

Real World Bad Blood: Top Moments from Episode 7

Hate is in the air. Some love, but mostly hate.

1. Boyfriend Swap


After making out with Peter, Jenn is feverous because she has to tell her boyfriend Travis. She tells him via text, and he immediately calls her. He’s done, and Jenn is now free to date whomever she wants. While this allows Jenn to explore her relationship with Peter, she feels bad because she embarrassed Travis on TV and she promised she wouldn’t.

2. Football vs. Soccer


The OGs go clubbing and Tya meets a professional soccer player. They dance and have a good time but Theo gets jealous. When the cast gets home, Theo tells Tya (in a fairly respectful manner) that he is glad he met Tya and appreciates her friendship, but he’d date her if she wanted. Theo and Tya proceed to make out in the confessional but that gets interrupted when the soccer player keeps calling Tya’s phone trying to visit the house.

3. Yo Momma Drama


Anna remains fairly unaffected by Jenn and Peter’s budding romance. After a night at the club, Peter finds a bag on the ground. He asks who it belongs to and Anna respondes with a “yo momma,” before realizing it’s her bag. Peter gets irrationally mad at this because Anna doesn’t know his mother. Will and Jenn have to calm him down, but this makes Anna glad she didn’t date Peter because he’s immature.

4. Another First Time


Peter invites Jenn out to dinner, and this becomes their first official date. They get dinner and Peter chomps down some grasshoppers. They flirt, drink, and take photos together. It’s a successful date and when they get home Peter ends up in Jenn’s bed. The next morning he orders her an Edible Arrangement because he can’t get grasshoppers delivered.

5. Roommate Roulette


Tired of the back and forth with Theo, Tya decides she wants to move out. Theo thinks it’s bullshit because he knows Tya is the one playing games. The two argue, and Tya packs her stuff. Their budding romance appears to be over, although it was all a big game in the first place.

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