Are You The One?

Are You the One? Spin Off Challenge On the Way

More Are You the One? on the way! This time, it makes a lot of sense.


Real World & Challenge fans have mixed reactions toward Are You The One?, especially when it comes to their inclusion on The Challenge. Now, AYTO is getting its own spin off.

While nothing is confirmed yet, it appears this spin-off is going to force some “Perfect Matches” to work together, despite the fact that no one stays together after the show (OK, so one or two pairs did, but most don’t). This also explains why some of the better AYTO cast members are not on the upcoming Challenge.

I believe this is a good move for the AYTO franchise. We all know MTV loves ex-themed shows, so this is a fairly obvious move. I always thought MTV would have a similar show with Catfish couples, but using the AYTO kids is a better move because they’re attractive and hand-picked by MTV.

I will definitely give this show a shot, but I can’t guarantee I’ll get through the whole show.


  1. Ok good so now keep those chump stains off the Challenge. Hopefully none of them are on season 29 with this news. Fook AYTO

  2. Actually, more than just one or two have stayed together.

    Ethan & Amber season 1
    Curtis & Jenni season 2
    Zak & Hannah season 3
    Britini & Chuck season 3
    Stephen & Julia season 4

    I realize most were not “perfect matches” on the show, but as far as reality TV romances go, it’s not a bad record!

  3. This is probably a signal that MTV is preparing to ditch both Real World and The Challenges. There are always speculations about that, but this seems to be an actual public move in that direction.

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