Real World Hollywood

Real World Hollywood: The Forgotten Season Remembered

MTV Classic has been airing Real World Hollywood this weekend, which was a very popular season in 2008 when it was airing. Due to a lack of Challenge presence and the two subsequent season, Hollywood remains a forgotten season.

Watching the marathon on MTV Classic, it is clear why this season was so popular when it was airing. Here are some of the best moments from the season:


  1. Getting to watch one-hour episodes for the first time, because the first 19 seasons had half-hour episodes.
  2. Greg getting voted into the house, only to claim he is the “chosen one” and calling other people “peasants.
  3. Brianna being the self-righteous stripper who had to return home because she was arrested for getting into a fight with her boyfriend.
  4. Kimberly getting into the fight with Brianna and telling her not to get ghetto.
  5. The intervention for Joey’s substance abuse, his attendance in a substance abuse program, and her battle to maintain his sobriety.
  6. Greg stealing Sarah’s panties for no apparent reason and the house going nuts over his antics.
  7. Greg getting so deep under Will and Dave’s skin that production forced the two of them to attend anger management.
  8. Will dating Janelle from Real World Key West because she wanted a bit more camera time. 04_joey-greg
  9. For the first time ever, losing two roommates. Greg got fired and Joey left because the Real World wasn’t a healthy environment for his sobriety.
  10. Then having two replacements: Nick and Brittini
  11. The vacation in Mexico where Will and Brittini tried to hide their kiss from the camera. The Janelle breaking up with Will.
  12. Dave getting into a fight in the final episode, because ever good season must go out with a bang.

Of course, we all know Joey passed away after this season. Sadly, this was due to his continued struggled with addiction. His appearance on The Real World reminded us all that the party lifestyle promoted on the show isn’t a sustainable way of living. It’s especially disheartening because Joey would have been a force on The Challenge, as he appeared to have been training for this type of competition his whole life.

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