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10 Cast Members We Ought to Be Thankful for This Year

Every year we have multiple seasons of The Real World and The Challenge, offering us interesting new stories and plot lines. Sometimes we’re introduced to some real douche bags. Other times, we see some great cast members. Here are ten people I’d like to thank this year for contributing to a positive viewing experience.



Cory and his cousin Mitch made quite a splash this year on Battle of the Bloodlines, carving their own path to the final. Cory is responsible for sending Bananas into the fateful Pit where he was eliminated. While Cory may have made some shady deals on Rivals 3, he plays to win and has proven to be a great addition to the shows.



It’s hard to hate Sarah. Her optimism and love of The Challenge always shine through when she competes. However, this year we all felt bad for Sarah after Johnny Bananas took away all of her Rivals 3 prize money. She may not have money, but she did win Rivals 3 and she still has love from the fans.



Wes returned for Rivals 3 and he continued to do what he does best: annoy Bananas. Wes may not always be on the show, but when he’s there he always opposes the major alliances and creates some solid competition.



There wasn’t much to like on the Go Big or Go Home season of The Real World, but when Ceejai clocked Jenna at the end of the season viewers finally got the satisfaction they waited for all season.



We need more old school pride on The Challenge, and Kellyanne returned to the show after a 6 year hiatus. Her return is a symbol of hope for the old school fans who want to see veterans back on the show.



On the shitshow that was Go Big Or Go Home, Dean was the one guy who fans could truly appreciate. He was level-headed and made an effort to understand his roommates. When he finally cracked toward the end of the season, we all felt bad for him because he always tried so hard to impress others.



Ashley is the most interesting rookie we’ve had on this show in a long time. She took no shit from the others in the house (namely Simone), but more importantly she came on the show to compete. Ashley proved she has potential, and she definitely isn’t a follower on the show.



Devin gets a shout out for proving Are You the One kids can contribute to The Challenge. When Devin returned to Rivals 3, he vowed to take the big dogs out of the game and consistently fought to get the Bananas/ Vince dynasty off of the show.

Cara Maria


Cara Maria has been on the show for years, but when she finally won Battle of the Bloodlines we all smiled. Finally the underdog came out on top. Plus, she had the rare privilege of sending Johnny Bananas home, a feat that should not go unrecognized.



CT has been through a lot recently, but even after the loss of Diem he stayed in contact with his MTV family. He returned to demo a challenge on Bloodlines and hosted a Rivals 3 Aftershow. While he may have needed some time away from the show, he knew the fans wanted to know he was OK. These moments highlight his interest in The Challenge and lets his family at MTV know he appreciates all they’ve done for Diem.

Which other 2016 cast members deserve to be thanked?


  1. Really hope season 29 airs soon. I was use to two seasons in a year for a while. Cory has become a favorite of mine, even though he ultimately ended up helping Bananas out, whom I despise. I didn’t like Devon until he was the only one left opposing Bananas.

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