Real World Bad Blood

Real World Bad Blood: Top Moments from Episode 8

After a week off, we’re back!

1. Rising From the Ashes

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-05-52-pm The cast spends the night at the beach, and they participate in a bonding activity where they tell personal stories from their pasts. Theo said going to jail was his most eye-opening while Jenn opened up about her last relationship where she was physically and emotionally abused. Mike opened up about his past drug use and how he went to jail for 15 days and was kick out of college. He claims he had to join the Arian brotherhood to avoid being raped in jail, and upon his release one of his friends overdosed on heroine. While the cast feels closer to Mike, Peter feels Mike’s story is only half true and he probably added a few details for dramatic effect.

2. Daddy Drama

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-08-53-pm The cast goes out drinking, and Kassius spends more money than expected on drinks and barely even has a buzz. The makes his upset because he feels his money could have gone to something better, like his song. The stress of being on The Real World gets to him, and he starts to cry. Will tells him this is part of being a parent, and he has to make compromises, however the emotions are becoming a routine part of Kassius drinking.

3. Back to Black

Mike finds himself in hot water when he makes some racial remarks. First, he refers to the original roommates as there from “day one, n****.” Later, he makes a comment to Jordan about he she is trying to appeal to black guys with whom they can rub coco butter on their ashy skin. Jordan and Orlana get upset by this, and rather than going out with the rest of the cast Mike heads home. He’s embarrassed, and he doesn’t want to be portrayed as racist. So, he packs up his stuff to leave. Theo and Kassius try to stop him, but his mind is made up. Mike becomes the first person to head home… thanks Are You the One?

4. To Fight Back? screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-25-00-pm

Kassius, who gave Mike a pass for using the n-word, finally hears the coco butter comment and is upset he ever tried to convince Mike to stay. He tells Orlana she was right to be upset, and Theo overhears this and believes Kassius is being a hypocrite. Kassius explains he wanted Mike to say, but didn’t have all the details. The cousins butt heads once again and almost get into a fight. However, they break things up once Theo realizes that Kassius is adult and entitled to his own opinion… even if it’s the wrong opinion.

5. Black Lives Matter

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-26-42-pm After all of the tension in the house, the cast gets together to attend a “Black Lives Matter” protest. They march together for the cause and Kassius shares his story with other people in attendance, putting the conflict in the house into perspective.

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