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10 People Who Did Worse than Theo… and Stayed in the House!

We all know The Real World and The Challenge loves a good fight. Despite the fact that people set sent home for fighting, production always includes these fights in the promos to lure in viewers. This week we saw Theo get kicked off Real World Bad Blood for violating the “no fighting” rule. I’d really like to see his contract so see what this rule entails, because this rule has not been consistently enforced. Here are ten people who committed crimes just as bad as Theo, if not worse.

10. Stephen Slaps Irene (Real World Seattle)


Stephen slapping Irene during her departure on The Real World has become one of the show’s most iconic moments, but the fact that Stephen stayed in the house is almost more shocking than the slap itself. Sure, Irene was gone, but Stephen did slap a girl in the face after all!

9. CT/Frank Shoving Match (Rivals 2)


Of all of the entries on this list, this fight is probably the most comparable to the fight between Theo and Kassius. CT shoved Frank, Frank shoved back, Knight jumped in the break up the fight, and CT’s shirt was ripped. Luckily Under Armor was able to give CT a replacement shirt, because he sure isn’t getting sent home for such a minor offense!

8. Jenn Smacks Mandi (Fresh Meat 2)


There are a few Jenn moments containing punches that didn’t quite connect, but her fight with Mandi on Fresh Meat escalated quickly and Jenn successfully knocked Mandi out of her seat. To be fair, Mandi had the chance to send Jenn home but let her stay.

7. Sylvia Jumps Madison (Real World Skeletons)


To be fair, this fight started with Madison lunging after Violetta and then Sylvia then grabbing Madison. However, this fight got ugly fast and Madison was definitely shaken up.

6. Wes Pours Cola on Cara Maria (Rivals)fb09

This fight often gets overlooked, but it’s certainly a physical altercation. Wes poured a bottle of cola on Cara Maria’s head then she chased him around, all why Banana threw things at Cara Maria. If you want to get physical violence off the show, especially when it’s a male against a female, this fight out to be acknowledged.

5. Jenny Fights Brian (Real World Ex-Plosion)rw29-10-1

Things get a little more complicated when people have existing relationships off the show, but Jenny definitely hit her on-again-off-again boyfriend on Real World Ex-Plosion. She even got a PSA before the commercial break, but after the commercial break she was still on the show.

4. Tony vs. Shane (Battle of the Bloodlines)


Much like Theo & Kassius, this was a family fight. However, this was far more intense than what we saw The o and Kassius do. Still, these brother only got a warning from TJ.

3. Maria Shoves Sam (Battle of the Seasons)


There are lots of questionable fights on Battle of the Seasons, but this one probably takes the cake. Marie shoved Sam who fell and smashed her head against a potted plant. Sam seemed legitimately hurt, but Marie saw no repercussions.

2. Jason Throws Nicole (Real World Skeletons)


Once good friends, Jason and Nicole got into a fight where he forcefully grabbed her and threw her. Nicole was very upset, but Jason had to stay so we could see him meet his Skeleton.

1. Hurricane Nia (Real World Portland)


No doubt this is the most brutal fight on The Real World, but Nia didn’t even have to leave because of it. She punched Johnny in the head, tried to assault him with a blow drier, got into a hair pulling fight with Averey, and then surprise-punched Averey. The cast voted, and they allowed Nia to stay in the house. Since then, we’ve seen Hurricane Nia return but we’ve never seen her get to this point again.


  1. Stephen should have got home for sure, same with Sylvia, the Raines brothers, Jason, and Nia. Also make a case of Julie on the Inferno, Brynn from Vegas, and Vinny from Rivals 3.

  2. “There are lots of questionable fights on Battle of the Seasons, but this one probably takes the cake. Marie shoved Sam who fell and smashed her head against a potted plant”

    Marie pushed Derek who then fell into Sam who fell into the plant. And i dont think it was her head.

  3. I’m still in shock Theo went home. He didn’t do anything. To be honest, I thought Kass should have gone home a couple times in episode.

    1. Oh wait, never mind. Forgot about that for reason and remember after posting the post above though I sure there’s people that wanted her gone sooner or done what Mike did and leave.

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