Real World Bad Blood

Tyara’s Pregnant: Now What?

In a Real World shocker, someone has become pregnant! Now that Tyara is pregnant, she has some choices to make that could alter the path or her life.


Here’s what we know, or can at least logically infer. Tyara says she has been waiting for her period for seven weeks, and she says the father must be her ex who she left prior to filming. Based on the length of filming, there are about three weeks left in the season. Also, Tya says she never had sex with Theo so he is not the father. This means Tya has been pregnant since the beginning of the show, though she has just become aware.

Now she much chose what to do. If she is going to keep the baby, she can chose to say in the house or go home to deal with the situation. While staying in the house may be an added stress in her life, this is also going to be one of her last chances to enjoy her freedom before the baby comes into her life. If she conceived just prior to filming, the baby would probably be due around April.

Of course, she can’t ignore the decisions involved with pregnancy. She may want to consult with her family and ex before she makes any decisions. This would be better done at home, not over the phone in The Real World house. Of course, with the smartphones in the house it would be much easier to have open communication than in prior seasons, but it’s still difficult to have these conversations in person.

Even if Tya choses not to keep the baby, she may want to talk with her family and friends at home first. It’s not like she can keep this a secret. The news of her pregnancy is public knowledge now.

Do you think Tya should stay or go?


  1. This isn’t the first time someone was pregnant in the Real World house. Tami (LA) had an abortion and Lauren (Ex-plosion) was also pregnant

    1. Thank you for this. I was about to spit my teeth out when I read that this was a “first”. Do your research peeps!

    2. My bad, you’re right. I completely forgot about Lauren. Tami’s pregnancy I put in a different category because she got an abortion, there was no real cliffhanger like Tya’s pregnancy.

  2. The math is off here because a pregnancy is measured in weeks since your last period, not weeks since conception. If she’s 7 weeks pregnant, she got pregnant 5 weeks ago.

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