Challenge: Invasion

Challenge 29 Teaser: What The Images Mean

Yesterday, The Challenge posted a live feed on Facebook with a sequence of images revealing the upcoming Challenge. Here are all of those images, and what they mean:

1. Cast Photo


This is a Christmas promo pic from Bloodlines, so it’s not official materials from The Challenge. It’s really just the video’s way of saying it’s talking about The Challenge.

2. Check


Similar to the first picture, the check just lets us know the video pertains to The Challenge.

3. Crown


As we know, this season includes Champions in a unique fashion. The crown represents the Champions.

4. Underdog DVD


Most of the cast will not be champions, hence the Underdog DVD. This could represent the Challengers on the cast, or maybe non-winners are rebranded as “Underdogs” rather the “Challengers.”

5. Alien


This season will apparently be named “The Challenge: Invasion.” The alien represents invaders.

6. Thai Rice Noodles


Challenge 29 was filmed in Thailand.

7. 2017 Glasses


The season will air in 2017. No official premier date yet, but we know it won’t be this week.

Hopefully we get more information soon, but this was a fun teaser put out by MTV.

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