Real World Bad Blood

Real World Bad Blood: Top Moments from Episode 11

For Pete’s Sake!

1. A Beginning and an End


Tyara comes home after discovering she’s pregnant and it seems her decision is clear. She starts the pack, and her roommates become suspicious. At first she tells them not to worry, but eventually she gathers everyone. She tells them she has some personal matters at home and she has to leave. She doesn’t go into details, but Jordan asks and Tyara eventually confides her pregnancy in Jordan.

2. Friends or Lovers


Peter doesn’t like Jenn talking to Anna, yet it seems like Jenn always hangs out with the sisters. In the episode we see Jenn braid Anna’s hair and talking to the sisters on an hour-long smoke break. After returning for a bar, Peter confronts Jenn about her friendship with Anna, stating that she should know not to hang out with Anna because he and Anna were somewhat involved at first. The whole house becomes concerned when they hear Pete screaming, and Anna eventually calls security. Pete becomes more defensive when security is mentioned and starts yelling at Anna. However, Anna just rolls her eyes and tries to avoid Pete.

3. Mother Issues


Anna and Katrina’s mother visits her daughters and they are excited to see her! The two have quite different relationships with their mother. Katrina often sides with her mother and they get along well, while Anna often feels excluded by her mother and Katrina. Anna is hopeful that her mother will help to mend some of the issues between herself and her sister, but it is clear that is not going to happen. When Anna tries to have a serious conversation, Katrina and her mother want to just ignore the conversation and let bygones by bygones.

4. Searching of Issues


Robbie goes on the computer and sees a search for “domestic abuse verbal.” Convinced Anna searched this term, he tells Peter and Jennifer. The two take offense, knowing Anna searched this because of the fight. Jenn, who had been in an abusive relationship, insists this is just a one-time fight and not an instance of abuse. They want to confront Anna, but Jenn insists on confronting her alone as Anna is not aware of Jenn’s prior relationship. When the sisters return, Peter talks to Anna first preparing Anna for the fight.

5. Madness and Sadness 


Anna finally approaches Jenn to give a half-assed apology, but Jenn is now furious. Not only is Anna fairly dismissive of the argument and assumes little responsibility, but Peter talked to Anna first and directly went against Jenn’s wishes. After Anna leaves, Katrina gives a more sincere apology, but Jenn wanted to talk to Anna and Anna is nowhere to be found.

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