The Challenge

The 2016 Naughty List

Merry Christmas! I hope Santa has been kind  to you. While this year has been full of its ups and downs, there are certainly some people who did more bad than good. Here are 10 cast members from the 2016 year who definitely earned their spot on the naughty list:

10. Brandon (Rivals 3)


Brandon makes this list because he just quit Rivals 3 without any regard for anyone else. Not that anyone really cared about Briana, but she really did get kicked off the show for no reason. See ya never Brandon!

9. Dione (Real World Go Big or Go Home)


Dione came into the Real World house as the human embodiment of Donnie from the Wild Thornberries. While he’s certainly a prankster and partier, he really did treat Kailah like shit after their hook up. Perhaps they’ll mend their relationship some day… on Battle of the Exes 3.

8. Amanda (Rivals 3)


Amanada entered the Rivals 3 house looking for a fight. Obviously she and Nelson were targets because they came into the game late and they were rookies, but she went out of her way to challenge the vets, especially Camila.

7. Simone (Rivals 3)


Speaking of looking for a fight, we have Simone! She went out of her way to find fights in the Rivals 3 house. Pouncing on Tony and Ashley, she was ready for the camera to catch her fighting at any moment.

6. Aneesa (Battle of the Bloodlines)


Being on MTV for 15 years hasn’t changed Aneesa too much. She entered 2016 fighting Kellyanne and later found herself fighting Cara Maria. I can forgive her for the hooking up with Cory, but I would have hoped she moved past the petty fights.

5. Mike (Real World Bad Blood)


If there’s one thing I learned from VH1’s “Of Love” franchise, it’s that former strippers can redeem themselves. Mike did not. After a rocky stint on AYTO3 he was blessed with the opportunity to move into the Real World house. He continued picking fights and found himself in a controversial argument with Jordan where he ended up leaving the house.

4. Vince (Battle of the Bloodlines & Rivals 3)


Vince found himself as a loose cannon during on Bloodlines, but he mostly served as an accessory to Bananas’ game. On Rivals, he found himself in more fights and almost beat up Thomas. We all know Vince would have won this fight, but he doesn’t need to prove that. However, he did show that he can be a decent human in his treatment toward Jenna, so maybe he’s not so bad after all.

3. Camila (Rivals 3)


Camila has been on MTV for about six years now, and it seems like Rivals 3 may have been her most explosive season yet. Between her fights with Amanda to her fights with Tony, she really has not learned to control herself. Of course, Tony debatably could be on this list, but his appearance on Rivals was (shockingly) more controlled than his appearance on Bloodlines, so we’ll accept any improvement.

2. Jenna (Real World Go Big or Go Home)


We all know why Jenna is here. She got into a lot of fights on The Real World because of her ignorant statements and her controversial opinions. It can be hard to have the entire house against you, but we can’t ignore why the entire house was against Jenna.

1. Johnny Bananas (Rivals 3)


Bananas has a long resume of controversy, but this year he made his most controversial move yet: taking all of Sarah’s prize money to keep it for himself. Hope you enjoy that money Bananas, because Santa’s bringing you coal!


  1. Only Johnny Dirtbag, can make Jenna (GBOGH) in comparison. That one decision was a major mistake. Granted he only been still on the list even if he did give Sarah the money. Honestly he deserves worse than coal. I put Tony on that list tied with Camila. Take Vince down a spot at least since HE DID GIVE Jenna (Explosion) the money.

  2. Also you can make a case for Chris and Ceejai being on the list. Chris for leaking the info about Jenna and Ceejai for attacking Jenna. Granted couldn’t really blame her but physical violence is wrong. If she let Jenna push her, Jenna would have got home.

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