Real World Bad Blood

Was Anna’s Domestic Violence Search Inappropriate?

On last week’s Real World, Anna found herself in hot water after she searched “domestic violence verbal” on Google. After viewing the search results, she walked away from the computer and left this up. Robbie saw the search and told Peter and Jennifer, who felt Anna was completely out of line for making assumptions about Peter’s actions.


To be fair to Jen and Peter, it seems clear that Anna wanted to meddle. Peter pursued her at the beginning of the season but moved onto Jen once that fizzled. This was only one fight, and while Peter did scream, that was the worst of his actions. Additionally, if Anna was genuinely concerned, she would not have left the search up for all of her roommates to see, or she would have just searched on her smartphone.

As someone who has been involved in an abusive relationship, Jen took particular offense to this. While Anna didn’t know about Jen’s past relationship, implying that Peter was abusive was particularly hurtful to Jen. While Jen does know what an abusive relationship looks like, it’s assumed Anna does not. Anna may see Peter’s screaming as a red flag. While Peter is not blatantly harming Jen, it’s clear Jen was upset and this concerned Anna.

It’s also important to remember that most of the house was concerned by Peter’s screaming. Anna was once friends with Jen, so her concern may come from a genuine place. Perhaps she could have addressed the situation differently, but it’s clear that Peter’s actions are not healthy for building a relationship.

What do you think? Was Anna wrong?


  1. I feel Peter was indeed abusive. Anna wanting to educate herself was actually a good thing, and she didn’t try to start anything w/Peter or anyone else after looking it up. The point is, she wouldn’t have looked up abuse had it not been for Peter’s actions. So people blaming her for that is ridiculous – put the blame where it belongs – on him. Not only was it upsetting to me the way Peter acted towards Jen, but that no one really stepped in to tell him he was wrong for the way he was handling things. Or maybe due to editing, we didn’t see anyone say anything outright to Peter. A few did try to get him away from her and others did try to console her – I commend them for that. I kept wishing I could step inside my TV to do something to stop it – very uncomfortable to watch. Jen saying that someone calling her a P.O.S. was abusive, but Peter yelling at her was not, floored me. Granted he didn’t call her names, but he was bullying her and being manipulative. It starts out small and escalates as the relationship goes on. For me, the first red flag was Mike hitting the nail on the head before he left the house in what he said about Peter and his relationships. At the time, I took it w/a grain of salt because him and Peter were no longer good friends. However, he was right. Jen may think “this guy really loves me and I must be special because he already wants to move in w/me” is also a red flag. They both seem really insecure – Jen even admits this later in the episode. I feel Peter is trying to isolate Jen, starting w/Anna and her sister and then w/how he acted because she was twerking w/other friends at that party. He downgraded her to make her feel she was doing something wrong to where she actually apologized to him. Big red flag. And then in this episode, she kept asking him to stop when he was yelling at her and he kept going at her and going all over the house to where everyone else was getting involved. I do not blame one of the sisters (not sure which called) for calling security – that whole scene was awful. And then for Jen to get so angry at Anna for simply looking up something? I feel she was deflecting. And finally she turns her anger on Peter. I cringed a lot this episode – no one deserves to be treated the way Jen was treated and then to be all “so he yelled at me, that’s not abusive”. It’s not just that he yelled, it’s what he said and how he acted that’s abusive. And he will continue to wear her down if this relationship continues.

  2. Robbie shouldn’t have told Jenn or Peter about the Google search .. instigating. Anna’s not at fault for looking this up . . Robbie should have just deleted it. Bottom line, Peter shouldn’t have acted as he did. It IS abusive.

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