Challenge: Invasion

Challenge Invasion: Premiers February 7th!

FINALLY! We have the official announcement for season 29 of The Challenge!


The new season of The Challenge will begin airing on February 7th at 9 PM. Mark your calendar guys, because this season is airing an hour earlier than other seasons.

The formate has also been announced. When the first 18 Challengers arrive, the 18 “Underdogs” who don’t have a win, they will live on The Shelter. Twelve advance to The Oasis where they will continue competing, this time being joined by eight Champions. So, it seems like an individual Challenge.

Exciting stuff! Can’t wait to see a new format when some great competitors… and Dario.


  1. Why do I have a feeling this format will suck? I hate how they try to add a twist almost every episode. Less is more, keep it simple with one or two surprising elements.

  2. Well with the name invasion and the fact they start with an unusual amount of cast members of course the underdogs will know something’s up

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