Real World Bad Blood

Did Peter Deserve to Get Sent Home?

In the season finale of Real World Bad Blood we saw the fourth member of the house leave: Peter. While Theo was kicked out for an actual fight, Peter’s eviction was due to a collection of issues.


It seems like Peter was kicked off the show for a collection of actions that fell into the gray zone. He did nothing that was a direct policy violation. Producers did say he shoved Jenn in an attempt to get to Katrina, and there is video footage to confirm this. However, this was not a violent attack on Jenn and most likely an impulsive action. Plus, the real act of violence was Jenn shoving Anna, and Jenn was able to stay in the house.

It’s clear that Peter had spoken with producers prior to his argument with Jenn and Katrina. After his first fight with Jenn production likely wanted Peter to control his outbursts, remove himself from threatening positions, and avoid any expressions of physical violence such as punching walls. It seems Peter agreed to this but then exhibited those behaviors during his fight on the final episode. His continued outbursts and his inability to control his anger led to his eviction.

Peter’s eviction from the house is similar to Tony and Camila leaving Rivals 3. If the actions or incidents were isolated, they would have stayed. Because there was continued outbursts and no effort to change, they were sent home.

Peter’s actions concerned most of the house and production, but never did anything that would result in immediate dismissal. In fact, had there been no fight between Jenn and Anna it seems likely no one would have been sent to a hotel and no one would have been sent home. While other people get into fights, Pete seems to truly bear the brunt. Plus, The Real World is a show built on fights and drama. It seems like people are getting sent home for instigating fights and causing drama.

While Peter’s actions are certainly concerning and should be addressed, I don’t think he needed to be sent home. For a show centered around drama, production should have more defined boundaries of acceptable behavior, and it seems Perter’s actions didn’t violate any of the known boundaries.


  1. This is a really lame article that needed to see an editor before it was posted. “Peter was kicked off the how”?? Or perhaps the SHOW. “but did never did anything”. DID never did anything but PETER certainly did. Re-watch the episode. Pete and Jenn can claim all they want that we don’t understand and they are healthy. That’s what people in abusive relationships do. They defend their position until they figure it out. These poor saps are a sad fit for each other. Doomed to be unhealthy until they break up… Which I guarantee will happen. I just hope for their sakes that it doesn’t happen too violently.

    1. I absolutely agree. Im a 37 year old man and watching the actions of Peter was absolutely upsetting. I would have had to step in as a man and let Peter realize he is not running the house that way. When Mike was there he kept to himself but as soon as the Mike was out..he got dumped…started dating Jenn the real him came out…It started with the boat party which right there showed rage and verbal abuse that could have went physical if it wasnt for the crowd and the cameras…he needs anger management help and quick..Anna seems to be a beautiful soul but her past has scarred her and she is trying to live up to Peters expectations which is irrational and ever changing. She was better off with the guy she broke up with to get with Peter based on interaction alone.

  2. This is a stupid, shit take and it felt like Peter wrote this lmao. He absolutely deserved to go home. Duh, idiot.

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