Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Where’s the Promo?

The Challenge: Invasion premiers in three weeks, and so far we’ve only seen a collection of screen shots from the first episode and a teaser from the Champions.


Over the years we’ve seen less and less promotion for The Challenge. Seasons like The Duel or The Gauntlet 3 would have trailers posted a couple of months in advance and we’d have hundreds of cast photos to look at. As time progressed, we’d see trailers posted closer to the premier date and fewer cast photos. However, this season is unique in the sense that it has zero promotional material. does have cast bios posted. The accompanying photos of cast members are blatantly just cropped from the first challenge. Hell, some of the cast members are even rolling in the mud. Similarly, the Champions have their cast photos ripped from a challenge, and we know they’ve gone out of their way to film promos with the Champions.

As excited as I am for this season, it seems odd that we’ve seen almost no promotion. Granted, so few people watch MTV that it’s almost a moot point to promote there, but I’d expect to see promo online. Especially because websites like E! and Buzzfeed have posted promo in the past. It seems especially odd because because this is the first season to air prior to 10 PM.

I’m hoping we get more promo… and soon, because MTV isn’t doing a great job of alerting people of this season.


  1. Dam MTV are now lazy at hiring a photographer to shoot cast pics!? Before you know it the house will get downgraded next.
    It’s really sad how lazy they’ve gotten at making intros, logos, trailers, casting, etc.

  2. Two things:

    1. “Were’s the Promo”? Really??

    2. You have to see BMP and MTV in a loveless marriage, where MTV doesn’t have the will to cut The Challenge and RW loose. We end up with MTV promoting BMP shows the way ABC hyped The Mole. In other words, not very well, if at all.

  3. Plus they could have aired Rivals III this past Friday and Saturday in a marathon instead of Ridiculousness and old movies.

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