Challenge: Invasion

Challenge: Invasion: Two-Hour Premier and Special

MTV may not have done a stellar job with promotion (though they’ve kicked it into full-gear this week), but it looks like the premier night for The Challenge: Invasion will be an exciting one.

Prior to the premier, MTV is airing a special dedicated to the one and only CT:


It looks like this special will be traveling back in time. Before Are You the One, before Jersey Shore, before Laguna Beach. CT’s tenure on MTV began in 2003 and has been filled with ups and downs, all of which should be highlighted in the special.

Then, the premier episode of The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions airs at 9 PM EST. However, the episode will be two hours long, marking the longest premier in history.


The episode description doesn’t reveal too much, and it seems the Champions won’t be part of the competition just yet. However, it seems like we will see some footage of the champions preparing for their upcoming Challenge.

If you miss either episode, they will repeat at 11PM and 11:30PM.

Glad to see such an eventful night for the premier!

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