Challenge: Invasion

Can Kailah Survive The Challenge After Her Explosive First Episode?

In the course of the first episode, Kailah went from unknown rookie to public enemy #1 on The Challenge. Despite her difficulties during the first episode, Kailah managed to win in the first elimination and earn a spot in the Oasis.


She’s guaranteed to stick around of a few more episode, so this gives her a unique opportunity. After finding herself on the wrong side of the house’s division, she has immunity for the next two eliminations. Now, she can work on damage control. While the rest of the cast is picking each other off, Kailah can stay under the radar and redirect attention to bigger and badder competitors.

Of course, there is no way Kailah is going to sit around and do absolutely nothing. If production wanted that, they would have cast Sabrina. If she continues flirt with Cory or fight with Nelson, there’s no way her reputation will be forgotten by the rest of the cast. Once the cast moves into the Oasis and Kailah loses her immunity, she will resume the position of public enemy #1. She will get thrown into eliminations and have to fight her way to the end. While beating Marie is pretty impressive, competing against someone like Laurel is a whole different game.

Of course, it has been done. Kailah could fight her way to the end,

What do you think? Will Kailah manage to sneak to the end, or will she have to fight?


  1. Depends because she can’t be touch and a few other people will be the targets. Depends what happens between then and when immunity for her ends. She might have a chance if someone pisses off the group more.

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