Real World Ex-Plosion

Love Story: Jenny & Brian

Every Valentines Day I’ve highlighted couple who appeared on The Real World or The Challenge and lasted outside of the show. Here are the past ones: 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016. This year I’d like to highlight one of the newer couples on the show, and one we’ve only seen on The Real World: Jenny & Brian.

On Real World Ex-Plosion, Jenny entered the house “single,” though she hadn’t fully ended things with Brian. The two have been together for roughly five years and this was supposed to be time spent apart, but as fate would have it, Brian arrived in the house as part of the “ex-plosion” twist.

When Brian arrived, the two didn’t instantly reconnect. In fact, there was a lot of fighting. However, the two started to reconcile and improve their relationship and work toward a future together. Since The Real World, the two have remained a pair and have been making a lot of progress!


In 2015, the two welcomed Violet Marie Williams, their first child. Since welcoming their bundle of joy, they’ve both been working toward careers. Brian remains working in fitness,  even helping Jenny in her journey to shed her baby weight… an impressive 50 pound loss! Jenny has recently been working in real estate, working with Brian creating weight loss plans, and has her own youtube channel!

The two recently took a trip to Cancun together and both looked stellar! I’m exited to see these two get in such great shape… if only they’d bring their strength to a Challenge! Regardless, it’s nice to see reality TV help make a couple, not break a couple.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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