Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Top Moments From Episode 3

Time isn’t wasted when you’re in a wasteland…

1. Southern Love


While everyone is just trying to survive the game, Ashley and Hunter start to cuddle up to one another. Ashley admits she once thought Hunter was just a sack of muscle, but now she’s getting to know him a lot better. Hunter thinks they connect because they’re both southern and this could be the start of something new…or just fizzle out.

2. Row Your Boat


The second challenge is called Shell Shocked. In this game, pairs of one male and one female must row a boat together, but it’s an unstable boat. So unstable one person must stand and one must sit. They must row to four check points where they retrieve coconuts, and then shoot them into a net like basketballs. Most teams struggle, but Ashley and Hunter seem to work well together. They finish rowing first and Hunter shoots all his coconuts into the net before anyone else can get out of the water. Now Ashley and Hunter are headed to the Oasis and they have the power to send one male and one female straight to elimination.

3. Fighting To Stay


Unlike most seasons, people actually want to go into elimination because it’s a guaranteed way to get to the Oasis if they win. Jenna knows Hunter will send her in, but she’s cool with it. Cory also wants to go in, so he asks Ashley to send in Shane or Theo because he thinks he can beat one of them. So Ashley sends in Theo and Hunter sends in Jenna. Then, the cast votes in Cory and Anika which is no surprise because they volunteer to step up.

4. No Balls


Those who are competing in elimination hike up a mountain before they can even compete. The elimination is called Who’s Got Balls?  and the competitors need to grab five balls then jump down a zipline while holding onto the balls. Don’t hesitate, because this is a timed event. Whoever hold the most balls wins, but it comes to time if no one drops a ball. Theo, however, decides he’s scare of heights and refuses to jump. TJ calls him out for giving up and taking away this opportunity from someone else but the damage is done.

5. Ballers


No one drops a ball, which doesn’t matter for Cory because he won be default. For Jenna and Anika, it’s a matter of time. Jenna wins by two seconds, but Anika is proud of herself. She jumped into her fears, and she knows she went out trying to take down a tough competitor.


  1. I tried giving this season a chance after completely missing out on last season, but it’s bad. Everything from top to bottom is completely horrible

  2. Love love love this season. So much better than Rivals 3 & Bloodlines together. Wish they did not rig it for Jenna and they had somebody like Robb, Trey, Marlon, Dylan instead Dario & Nelson…

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