Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Top Moments from Episode 4

Ladt chance to make it to The Oasis!

1. Love On the Line


New couple alert! Nelson and LaToya have been getting awfully close, so close they’ve let down their mosquito nets. The two later head to the beach for a heavy make out session. All is well, but there’s a challenge and an elimination on the way. Neither has earned a spot in The Oasis, so they’re both in danger of going home.

2. Freed From the Cage


LaToya, Amanda, Sylvia, Nelson, Anthony and Shane all need to earn a spot in The Oasis, so they’re competing in a challenge named Caged and Confused. Competitors start in a cage that is elevated a few feet with a wound rope. The rope unwinds and they must roll to their key, unlock their cage, and dash to the finish line. For the girls, LaToya is the first to manage to get rolling, but she gasses out. Amanda sneaks up from behind and is able to steal the win. For the guys, Shane bolts to he key, but has difficulty retrieving his key. Anthony sneaks up behind him, but Shane is able to unlock his cage and make it to the end before Anthony. Amanda and Shane have earned a spot in The Oasis!

3. Stairmaster 


The elimination, and final opportunity to earn a spot in The Oasis, is called Thai Rise. The competitors must run up a series of staircases that contain over 1000 stairs, retrieve an idol, run back down, hung up the idol, and ring a bell. To make things fun, production decided to stagger the starting time so it’s an individual competition and not a true race. Everyone gets tired, LaToya sees a monkey, it starts to rain, Sylvia drinks dirty rain water, and Nelson and Sylvia win. They’re headed to The Oasis while LaToya and Anthony are headed home.

4. Burn This Shelter Down


Nelson and Sylvia return with good news: time to leave The Shelter! The cast arrives at their beautiful Oasis and waste no time breaking the house in. They’re drinking in the pool, dancing in the shower, eating Edible Arrangements, and Ashley and Hunter make sure their beds are sturdy.

5. The Real Competition


The episode ends in an unusual spot, but we all know why. The cast arrives at their next challenge and TJ announces their big surprise. To be a champion, you must beat the champions. Out walks Laurel, Cara Maria, Camila, Ashley, Johnny Bananas, Zach, Darrell, and C-fuckin-T.

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