Challenge: Invasion

Why Do We Never Get the Challenge Format We Want?

The Champions are finally in the house and The Oasis is filled. The real format of this season has been revealed, yet somehow production managed not to give us what we wanted.


Here was have it, The Challenge: “Invasion of the Champions.” This season is advertised as an opportunity for Underdogs to take down the Champions. Somehow, they’ve managed to ruin this format by separating Underdog and Champion eliminations. Yes, I realize there are more Underdogs than there are Champions, but isn’t the point of this show to see if the Underdogs can beat the Champions? Don’t we want the Underdogs to face Champions in elimination?

I don’t want to spoil this season, so we’re going to leave it as the information revealed in the episode. However, I feel we’ve had a history of seasons that demonstrated promise but silly format twists ruined the intended purpose of the season.

For example, look at The Duel 2 where the whole season was spent competing with a partner, and this really screwed some people in the final. Or Battle of the Bloodlines where the bloodlines were separated from the alum, then The Pit allowed people to go home without even having a chance to fight.

Perhaps I’m alone here, but I would have loved the competition to be individual at this point. Like many viewers, I’d like to see a big team format again, but this is not the ideal situation. If production has to intentionally make the Champion team smaller than the Underdogs then they probably shouldn’t be utilizing a team format. As we saw this week, having disproportionate team sizes allows one team to win based solely on their size and not necessarily on their ability.

Of course, there is some good from this formatting. Some of the eliminations, particularly the Champion ones, are bound to be epic.


  1. Yes I was disappointed too. I have been looking forward to a real individual challenge for a long time. I think the competitors were too.

    P.s. I look forward to my emails just to read your POV. Been reading these for years, thank you for your time.

  2. They need to bring back the leaderboard from battle of the sexes. Have 32-36 competitors compete in individual format with no partners or teams. The top 3 of each gender are safe and the bottom players goes into elimination. The bottom player picks who they want to go against and if they win they take their spot on the leaderboard which would stop people going in a bunch of times. When it becomes final 4 of each gender the top player gets to pick the final elimination leading to the finale.

    1. Also a final four twist is that the top competitor of each gender can either make it 4 vs 4 leaving only one team winning or 3 vs 3 with both teams winning just battling for a bigger jackpot. Also this challenge should just be all challengers who haven’t won a challenge then next season do the same thing with champions.

  3. Production don’t give a shit about what people want anymore. Majority want AYTO out and yet they keep being invited back and now apparently there going to cast more people from that survivor show that nobody watches? Its like they’re killing the show on purpose and quite frankly just end the series because since Rivals 2 this show has been going downhill. The editing format has been pure garbage since last season

    1. To be completely fair, AYTO5 is almost getting double the viewers of RW:Bad Blood. At this point, while I typically don’t like the AYTO kids, I can see how production would view this as a method of bringing in new viewers.

      1. The problem with the ayto cast is that production isn’t getting the right people with the exception of a few. Scali, kiki, Shanley, gio would be great castmemebers over most of the ones picked for the show.

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