Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Top Moments from Episode 6

SPOILER: There is no challenge to be seen today.

1. New Sparks and Old Flames

We enter the house with new romances brewing. Nicole is chasing Cara Maria and Kailah is chasing Cory again. Most notably, Jenna and Zach are talking again. After a bad break up, which we saw unfold on Rivals 3, Zach blocked Jenna’s number and stopped talking to her. Now that they’re in the same house they’re talking again and sleeping in the same bed. All seems to be going well…for now.

2. Sloppy Second Storm 

Nelson has moved on from LaToya and he now has his eyes on Sylvia. He confesses his attraction to her, though he does mention LaToya’s name in the process. Sylvia turns him down, stating she’s not going to be his sloppy seconds nor is he going to mess with LaToya’s relationships. Nelson then storms off, slams things, and sleeps off his drunken mess.

3. Weak Votes

It’s time for the Underdogs to vote in their second competitors for elimination to face Sylvia and Tony. The guys send in Kailah and the girls decide to send in Shane. The votes are fairly split, but once being sent into elimination Shane decides he wants to get into Tony’s head. He states that Tony is only facing him because he’s perceived to be weak. If Tony wins, he proves nothing because he beat a weak competitor, but if Shane wins it’s an upset. Tony defends himself, but it’s clear Shane got his point across.

4. Banging Two Out

TJ welcomes the cast to The Fortress which is where all the eliminations will take place and the whole cast gets to watch them now. This elimination is called Tuk Tuk Bang Bang. The competitors stand on the back of a tuk tuk, a Thai chariot used to transportation, and must bang the tuk tuk forward using the weight of their body until they reach a finish line. The girls go first, and Sylvia manages to get the rhythm before Kailah does, so Sylvia wins. For the guys, Shane uses physics to position where he will bang the tuk tuk. This proves to be the right strategy because he gets to the finish line before Tony and wins.

5. The Rumor Mill

 A rumor is flying around, started by Ashley M., Amanda, and Sylvia, claiming Jenna was “finger-banged” by Bruno on the flight to Thailand. They tell this rumor to some of the Champions, and when Jenna catches wind of this rumor she is hurt. She claims it’s not true, and is worried that Zach will flip out when he hears this. Just when things are working well, people are trying to break Jenna down.


    1. It appears from the season preview that they showed last night, that it will be top two champions vs. top four underdogs.

      Also, If this was actual footage from the beginning of the finale, then there was strong clues who the top two champs were and who, at least, the male underdogs were by their builds/body shapes.

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