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Should ‘Stranded With a Million Dollars’ Cast Members Be on The Challenge?

There has been a lot of chatter about the new MTV show “Stranded With a Million Dollars” among Challenge fans. Mostly, this is due to the fact that MTV has been running a poll to allow viewers to select which cast members from the show should be featured on the next Challenge.

I admit, I have not watched the show despite the fact that it airs directly after The Challenge. However, I do understand the basic premise of the show: ten people are placed on an island with a $1,000,000 prize. They must survive 40 days, but every luxury they purchase (such as food, shelter, or living supplies) will be purchased with their prize money. The only way to win is to survive the whole experience, but cast members can end their experience at any time if they feel they cannot continue on the island.

Based on the reactions of people who have watched the show, there are some people who show promise and could be an asset to The Challenge. However, most people don’t want these people on The Challenge because we’re already getting AYTO kids in addition to Real World alum, random cousins for cast members (bloodlines), Fresh Meat, some old Roadies, and Camila. This should give us a big enough pool of cast members to make a strong cast for each season.

Unlike Are You the One alumni, the Stranded With a Million Dollars are kind of bred for the the hardships of The Challenge. They weren’t given the glamorous experience of living in Hawaii or a huge house, and survival is a key element of winning a Challenge. While ratings from Stranded are not the strongest, they’re on par with Real World: Bad Blood. These are probably the biggest arguments you could make as to why Stranded alum would make suitable Challenge competitors.

There’s a stronger case to be made as to why the Stranded kids shouldn’t be on The Challenge. They certainly could become strong Challenge competitors, but we don’t really need more people on the show. As I said, there are many sources feeding into The Challenge and there’s a lot of untapped potential. While Are You the One Season 1 had strong ratings, and AYTO season 5 had stronger ratings than RW: Bad Blood, Stranded doesn’t have these ratings. Plus, it comes on right after The Challenge meaning the bulk of Stranded viewers are going to already be Challenge fans. For this reason, adding Stranded cast members will not attract more viewership.

I’m not a fan of including these people on The Challenge… but I usually drag my feet when it comes to changes on the show. What do you guys think?


  1. Keep killing the franchise MTV! Might as well start casting peeps from teen mom, catfish, girl code, teen wolf, etc. I can’t believe how obsessed I was about this show but since exes 2 it’s been a downward spiral and TBH if the show gets cancel tomorrow, I would say good riddance.

  2. It went downhill since CT won. They think johnny is the reason people watch but not at all. The seasons he is on and CT is not the ratings are terrible.

  3. I love how the person who wrote this hasn’t even watched stranded. You could have CT 2.0 on stranded and this wanna be journalist wouldn’t even know it. I also love how he/she thinks the time slot makes a difference. Nobody watches cable. 90% of viewers STREAM this shit for free. Also to compare a shows S1 ratings to another’s S5 ratings is INSANE. No S1 does well in ratings. 99% of stranded fans haven’t even discovered the show yet. Remember AYTO1? Nobody watched it live but we all have seen it.

    1. You’re right. The next CT could be on Stranded. I’ve been watching the show a long time… I didn’t want Fresh Meat welcomed on the show after FM1, but then we got Kenny and Even and Evelyn. My bias is not hidden, I state all of these things clearly in my post. With this said, we could have the next CT on Stranded, but we keep passing up people with potential to add new randoms to the mix.

      However, the second half of your post is just wrong. Time slot does make a difference, network execs will deliberately put shows they want to promote after more popular shows. While streaming is certainly on the rise (90% is a gross exaggeration though), streaming just doesn’t provide MTV with the same revenue as traditional broadcasting with commercials.

      Also, AYTO’s first season was its most popular. It’s the only season with episodes that were viewed by over a million people. Why was AYTO’s first season its most popular? Time slot… it was on TV directly after Teen Mom which is MTV’s most popular show.

      I know this is a long response, but I do appreciate your critique. I posted this to start a conversation and you’re certainly entitled to disagree with me.

    1. Not like any of them post a threat to the challengers anyways. They might be layups at best. I could see Wes and Devin siding with Cody and makani fighting with camila. Everyone else doesn’t show promise to the challenge.

  4. The cast of SFAMD is the epitome of the millennials. Entitled, half educated a-holes. These adult children were unable to apply any common sense, morality or basic compromising techniques during this “game”. I saw greed, lies, bullying and stealing that these idiots chalked up to “technicalities” “we deserves” or just plain “I don’t care-I’m gonna do it anyway” This everyone gets a trophy generation is turning in to adults who are going to be socially disfunctional cry babies.

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