Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Top Moments From Episode 9

1. Fear of Love
Like all love stories involving Cara Maria, this takes place on Halloween. Nicole is flirting with Laurel but she is also paying attention to Cara Maria. This is unusual for both girls. Cara Maria is a little bit more free, but Laurel has never been in a relationship with another woman, and admits this is her first time developing a crush on a woman. She tells Camila that this is new to her, and that pressure from others have kept her from exploring relationships with women. However, Nicole makes it hard for Laurel to open up as she is flirting with two girls at once. Once Laurel discovers Nicole’s games, she feel betrayed and stops pursing Nicole.
2. Camilinated 
While clubbing, Laurel admits to putting chips in Amanda and Nicole’s beds and tells Amanda it was a joke, so don’t take it seriously. Amanda claims it’s not a funny joke, and feels the old champions just want to attack these “young and beautiful” girls. When Amanda gets back to the house, Laurel wants to continue the conversation in her room, but Amanda yells at Laurel to leave. This initiates the Camilinator who yells at Amanda for “preying on people.” The three girls get into a screaming match and production separated Amanda when she gets into Laurel’s face. Once this happens, Camila tries to shove her way to Amanda, but production keeps pulling her away and the fight ends. Later, the Champions are sitting by the water and Amanda continues to throw insults from the porch, but nothing further happens.
3. Fallout Boy
The challenge is called Fallout, and there is a large platform suspended above water that pivots like a seesaw with two ropes in the middle. Cast members need to hang onto the ropes as long as possible and the team that accumulates as much time as possible will win $15,000 and for the Champions the last male and female to hit the water last will win immunity. When the board moves, cast members will slide on top of each other and knock each other off the board making it difficult to stay out of the water. All of the Underdogs girls fall off very quickly, leaving Cara Maria and Camila. Camila wraps herself in the rope and outlasts Cara Maria who is slightly salty from Camila’s unconventional strategy. Knowing that his team is behind, Shane commits to not hanging onto the rope and knocking CT and Bananas off the platform. This works, as Darrell falls quickly and Shane pushes both CT and Bananas into the water, but CT hits the water a split second after Bananas and wins immunity. Cory and Nelson then hold onto the rope with all other players removed from the platform and this allows the Underdogs to win.
4. Picking a Team
Cara Maria and Laurel talk, stating that they are happy that they’re on a team and are friends this time. They don’t want to let Nicole get in the way, so Laurel talks to Nicole. Laurel admits that she likes Nicole, and Nicole returns the feeling. Now, it’s just a matter of whether or not Laurel is ready to handle Nicole’s huge personality.
5. Balls to the Wall
The Champions prepare for a fight in the fortress, stating who motivated them to compete on The Challenge. The game is Balls In, a game we’ve seen on The Inferno 2 and Free Agents. In fact, both Bananas and Laurel have won this game in the past. The goal is to score more baskets than your opponent. Each player has three balls and will alternate playing defense or offense. We start with Bananas vs. Darrell, and Darrell scores one out of three while Bananas missed his first two. Then… to be continued.


  1. I took Amanda’s side of the argument. If she did that to laurel she would be arguing about it to. Camilla needs to grow up and realize that only times she goes camillanator people step in on the fight because she bark and no bite.

    1. There are tons of pranks that go unaired. There’s nothing to do in the house, so people prank all the time. To imply this is a hazing or an initiation ritual, that’s silly. But the bigger your reaction to the pranks, the bigger your target becomes.

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