Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Top Moments from Episode 10

…part 2 of a cliffhanger
1. Banana Splits  
We pick up were we left off, in the middle of the Champion elimination. Bananas has one ball left in Balls In and has one shot left to stay in the game. Darrell is able knock the ball away, and Bananas loses. Then, Laurel and Cara Maria compete. Laurel gets the ball first, and Cara Maria is able to jump onto Laurel and knock the first ball away. This takes a lot of effort on Cara Maria’s behalf, and once she gets the ball Laurel drags Cara Maria out of the playing area. Laurel then gets her next two balls in while Cara Maria does not get any. This means Bananas and Cara maria are headed home on a very awkward plane flight together.
2. Lying in Alliances
Hunter has completely betrayed his alliance with Shane, Amanda and Ashley. When the cast goes clubbing, Shane calls out Hunter of only caring about himself… despite the fact that Shane only wants Hunter’s support to advance his own game. Hunter gets mad and starts yelling a Shane. Meanwhile, Shane is insisting that Hunter isn’t trustworthy for the way he played with Ashley’s emotions. Now Hunter is mad, Ashley is crying, and Shane doesn’t really care because he knows his team is a sinking ship.
3. At a Crossroad
TJ ups the ante and this week’s challenge is worth $30,000… but there’s no Underdog elimination. The challenge is called Crossover and requires two players at a time, one male and one female, to traverse a series of inner tubes. The male and female start at opposite sides and at one point they must find a way to cross paths. Once the final inner tube is reached, the competitors must pull themselves forward and retrieve a flag. Players have three minutes to complete the task, and falling off will result in the maximum time of three minutes. Shane and Nicole go first, and do well, but Nicole is unable to pull herself forward and retrieve a flag. In fact, Laurel is the only female who can retrieve a flag while every male gets the flag except CT. This means half the Underdogs and half of the Champions complete the challenge and the Underdogs manage to score a lower average time, so they win the $30,000.
4. No More Games
Nicole expresses that she’s upset by the fact that Cara Maria lost in The Fortress, and Laurel is upset at Nicole for playing her. She confronts Nicole during a night out and says that she doesn’t want to be played with any more. Later in the episode Nicole apologizes and Laurel forgives her.
5. Let the Bloodbath Begin
After the challenge, TJ announces that the cast is having a house party instead of an elimination. Most people are confused, but accept the fact that TJ is giving them a party. The party is full of alcohol, streamers, and fire dancers. Then, TJ shows up and announces that this isn’t just a house party, it’s a going away party! But first, there’s going to be an Underdog “bloodbath.” No one knows exactly what that means, but we’ll find out next episode.

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