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Ten Girls Who Made a Big Impression Then Got the Boot on Their First Challenge

It seems like most seasons there are girls who come onto The Challenge, make a huge impression at the beginning of the season, then get eliminated midway through the season. This may seem like an oddly specific category to write about, but as you’ll see, over time these are the girls who get invited back to The Challenge. While some of then have only done one Challenge, they’ve certainly received multiple invitations and are the types of people production look for in a cast.

1. Trishelle (The Gauntlet) 

In the days of The Gauntlet, being a rookie wasn’t the death sentence it is today, but Trishelle still managed to make a big splash on her first season. Between getting into a huge bike accident, beating a self-proclaimed puzzle master in a puzzle, and driving a wedge between Coral and Mike’s relationship, it’s no surprise that production wanted her back next season.

2. Angela (Battle of the Sexes 2)

Perhaps best known for complaining and whining, Angela managed to get on the bad side of most of the girls on her team. Still, she made it half way through the season. In between irritating her teammates and disliking the competition she did manage to start a short-lived relationship with Frank… so there’s that.

3. Jodi (The Inferno 2)

On her later seasons, Jodi established herself as a beast in the competitions. On The Inferno 2, Jodi’s rookie mistakes cost her the game and made her a few enemies. “Good girls” Jodi and Julie found a loophole in the rules that allowed them to nominate Bad Asses into The Inferno based upon which Good Guys were sent into The Inferno. This pissed off the Bad Asses, but luckily Jodi has The Miz on her side because she’d been snuggling up to him all season.

4. Jenn (The Inferno 3)

In her early days, Jenn was recognized on The Challenge for all the right seasons. Not one to be walked on, she would stand up for herself. However, on The Inferno 3 she went into the first three Infernos, winning the first two and losing to Challenge champ Susie.

5. Kimberly (The Duel 2)

Kimberly came onto The Challenge with low expectations after her Real World season. However, she surprised fans on The Duel 2 when she defeated two established veterans in Duels: Robin and Ruthie. Kimberly proved she had more fight in her than expected and ended up being on of the most likable contestants on the show.

6. Camila (Cutthroat)

Even as a rookie, Camila found herself in the middle of multiple fights. On the first night in Prague, Theresa accused her of stealing Ty’s sweatpants which started a rivalry that would pair them together on the first Rivals season. She also went against the grain and voted Brad into The Gulag which pissed off all the veterans on her team. Even though she went into a bunch of eliminations, Camila also won a few and made quite a name for herself.

7. LaToya (Free Agents)

After collapsing during her first ever challenge, LaToya bounced back and won the first elimination on the Free Agents season, sending home Jemmye. She later found herself performing better on the show and fighting with Jordan, and while she only lasted four episodes she made a big impression during her time on Free Agents.

8. Averey (Battle of the Exes 2)

Johnny and Averey may have been the most dysfunctional paring on Battle of the Exes 2, but they did manage to win a couple of eliminations together. However, Averey’s most notable moments on her first Challenge include establishing a dislike for Nany, opposing her teammate’s alliance, and becoming friends with her former enemy Nia.

9. Amanda (Rivals 3)

When TJ brought in a replacement team consisting of two Are You the One alum, no one was excited. However, Amanda wanted to make sure everyone knew who she was. She got into fights with everyone on her first night in Mexico and fought with Camila multiple times. She may have been a “freckle-faced bitch,” but she was a bitch we all remembered.

10. Kailah (Invasion)

Coming into Invasion with no allies and no one else from her Real World season, Kailah relied on her flirtatious relationship with Cory to help her get by. While that didn’t necessarily work, she did win the first elimination of the season and managed to survive until The Oasis despite being on the unpopular alliance. While she was the first Underdog eliminated once in The Oasis, no one will forget the girl who won the first elimination, wet the bed, then got the boot.


  1. Honorable mentions: Jamie Inferno 2, Diem Fresh Meat, Svetlana Duel, Brittni Duel 2, Sarah Ruins, EMILY Cuthorat, Jonna/Jasmine Rivals.

    BTW #9 on the list doesn’t deserve a read

  2. Others that qualify are belou and Jisela from the first battle of The seasons, aneesa, Tonya and Rachel from battle of the sexes 1, Tina and Katie from the gauntlet 1, ev from fresh meat 1, rachel from the inferno 3, Brooke from the gauntlet 3, ayiiia from cutthroat, jemmye from the second battle of the seasons, nia from free agents, Nicole from bloodlines

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