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Can The Challenge Survive Without TJ?

There’s a nasty rumor flying around that could change The Challenge as we know it. That rumor: TJ Lavin may not be hosting the next season on The Challenge.

Of course, this is just a rumor. In fact, the rumor may even be debunked because the alleged replacement host is actually hosting a different Bunim-Murray project. While nothing is official yet, I have a sneaking suspicion it could be true. If not next, likely in the no-so-distant future.

If TJ does host the next season it will be his twentieth consecutive time hosting. He’s been with the show for over a decade, longer than Johnny Bananas, and he’s become an expected part of the show. Fans seem to love his quirks and mannerisms and we can all depend on him to shit on anyone who even considers quitting.

Prior to TJ hosting we had seen a couple of hosts but the only two to host more than one season were Jonny Moseley and Dave Mira. I admit, when TJ first hosted on The Gauntlet 2 I wasn’t his biggest fan, but after watching him for a couple more season I could tell he loved the competitions and the cast loved him. In fact, he used to test out some of the competition before the cast competed simply because he wanted the experience.

The was once a time, prior to Rivals 1, when TJ was involved in a biking accident. He was shaken up pretty badly and the cast was unsure whether or not he’d be hosting that season. As we all know, he hosted that season but when he emerged to greet the cast it was clear that everyone was relieved to see him. For those people, he is the one constant. He is a cheerleader for every rookie or veteran who’s willing to put in a fight and losing him would be an unwelcome change for many of the competitors.

However, The Challenge is not a one man show. By design, the show is supposed to be able to cycle through competitors even when other competitors are unwilling to compete. With this design, the show could last for a long time, longer enough to outlast even the most dedicated host. If TJ is unable to host or wants to move on, I believe The Challenge can continue. Of course, we will be missed and very hard to replace. Many fans have not seen a Challenge without TJ and won’t realize just how big TJ’s impact is until he’s gone.

Again, we’re dealing with a rumor here. How would you feel if TJ left The Challenge?


  1. I think the rumors are false. There were many challenge accounts on twitter saying that he was being replaced. TJ replied to a bunch of them saying that the rumors were false. I understand that this could mean one thing or something entirely different. When you look at, not many shows almost 30 seasons and not many hosts last almost 20 of those seasons. Regardless of your opinion of TJ or the Challenge, we have been very blessed as challenge fans to have a consistent show with a consistent host.

    1. For sure, TJ may be the best character on the show. I highly doubt TJ would ever be replaced, I think he’d voluntarily leave the position.

      As I said in the post, the rumor likely started because BMP has a new host. As it turns out, this host will be hosting a different show but it he seemed like a plausible replacement.

  2. Personally, it wouldn’t make much difference to me if TJ is the host or not. I think it would affect the cast more than the audience. I feel TJ is just a small part of the show.

  3. I would be okay if TJ was replaced. There are moments during the show where TJ looks exhausted and non interested and when you hear him talk off screen it sounds like they add his voice in later then when it’s filmed.

  4. I like TJ, but he’s been so stale and boring since the Ruins. He has his moments but overall especially the last few seasons his been out of it. I wish The Challenge can continuesly rotate different hosts each season like they used to do during the golden age of the show

  5. Deal with the fact you are being replaced TJ. And stop paying your friends to write articles, I vote Jonny bananas for new host

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