Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Top Moments from Episode 12

The continuation of last week.

1. Fighting Chance

Right were we left off last week. Cory just shoved Nelson and Nelson is about to retaliate. Of course, production steps in and breaks up the fight. The fight is over before it started, but Cory is still pissed that Nelson played him.

2. In or Out

Now, onto the real match. Cory and Shane are facing each other in Inside Out. They’re attached at the waist and have to place two feet outside of the circle faster than their opponent two times. Shane relies on the strategy of spinning in circles, but Cory quickly adapts. When he is closer to the edge, Cory makes a dash and gets his feet out before Shane can. In the second heat, Shane relies on the same strategy and unsurprisingly gets the same result. This makes Shane the last Underdog to get eliminated.

3. Getting Nutty

This isn’t a remarkable event at all, but production wasted five minutes airing it. When Laurel first arrived at the house, someone gave her a large jar of peanut butter and told her to hide it in the bushes. Laurel did, and three weeks later she realized it was Nicole’s. While swimming, Nicole spots the peanut butter in the bushes. It’s moldy, but she shoves it in her mouth anyway. The show tried to edit this like it was going to start a fight between Laurel and Nicole, but it was really just a filler so we wouldn’t have enough time for the full elimination.

4. Underdogs in a Cage

The week is a Champion elimination and with only two males and two females, all four are going in. However, the challenge is worth $30,000 and it’s called Caved In. In this challenge, teams must navigate through a series of cages by getting through doors. The catch? Each cage is filled with an obstacle such as cinder blocks, coconuts or bamboo. Not only will the whole team be in the cage but the teammates must navigate through the cage with these objects blocking them. The Champions seem to do well until they get to a cage filled with cinder blocks. The Underdogs gain a lead here, and Camila informs her team that they’re falling behind. They pick up the pace, but never catch the Underdogs. Ultimately, the Underdogs take home the $30,000.

5. Knotty Girls

The final elimination is Knot So Fast which we’ve seen on Battle of the Seasons and Battle of the Exes 2. Players are given a long, heavy rope and have 10 minutes to tangle a dome in this rope. Then, their opponent must untangle the rope and whoever untangles the rope first wins. In the first stage of the elimination it appears that Laurel’s height has given her an advantage. She tangles her rope much more than Camila. In the second stage, it seems Laurel continues to hold the advantage. Camila chips away, and Laurel has the lead until her rope gets tangled. Laurel gets tired and confused and sits at the top of the dome pondering life. Camila takes advantage of this time and manages to pull out a win, sending Laurel home for the first time ever.


ONCE AGAIN THE EPISODE IS TO BE CONTINUED. The guys will compete next week…… ugh.


  1. Laurel vs Camilla reminded me of Wes vs cohutta. Both Wes and laurel had a lead and both mada a mistake by knotting their ropes losing their undefeated records.

  2. Amazing episode!!!
    Camila vs. Laurel eliminations never fail to deliver . The fun fact is Camila’s first loss was to Laurel and Laurel’s first loss was to Camila. Camila finally got her revenge after being so close to beat Laurel in Die Hard & Door Jam.

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