Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Top Moments from Episode 13

1. The CT Trap

Now, it’s time for the Champion guys to play Knot So Fast. Darrell takes the normal approach, winding the rope around all of the beams. On the other hand, CT makes a huge, messy knot in the middle of the structure while still winding the rope around the beams. This proves to be a great strategy, as Darrell cannot maneuver himself through this knot fast enough, and CT pulls out a win.

2. Underdog Eat Underdog

The cast goes clubbing one last time before the final. When they get home, Nicole and Nelson have a heart-to-heart. Nicole is upset because she no longer has Laurel, her main support system in the house. Ashley is all alone too, as her friends Amanda and Shane have been eliminated. While Nicole and Nelson talk, Ashley freaks out. She thinks they’re talking shit about her, which they’re not. Nelson tries to help Ashley but then directs all the camera to film her because he thinks this is just a cry for attention. Ashley is still annoyed until CT gives her a pep talk and calms her down.

3. Light the Way

The cast leaves The Oasis for an island resort, and on the resort they are participating in a Thai ceremony of lights. Each cast member releases two lights into the water to let go of regrets and to give thanks for their blessings. As fate would have it, this even takes place on the second anniversary of Diem’s passing which is particularly sentimental for CT and Camila who knew her so well.

4. Third Day’s a Charm

TJ welcomes the cast the final, but of course there are some twists. Firstly, the Underdogs have $85,000 in their bank so they’re all guaranteed $21,250. The Champs only have $25,000 which guarantees both of them $12,500. Then, TJ shocks the cast and announces that the final is three days long. The second surprise… there are no more teams. It’s (kind of) and individual final. Much like Free Agents there will be multiple stages of the final and partners will rotate. Whoever posts the best time will win. Third place wins and extra $5,000, second place wins an extra $12,500, and first place will each get $100,000.

5. Stage One of Many

The first stage of the final kicks off and like most finals it begins in the water. The cast must take a key, swim to an island, solve and puzzle, and unlock a chest. Then, they pick partners. CT and Camila stick together. Nelson grabs Ashley because she’s a good swimmer, and Cory is “stuck” with Nicole who’s a bad swimmer and bad at puzzles. The swim beings, and the current is so strong Nelson is moving backwards… her goes nothing.

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